Educational Technology

Educational Technology

Educational Technology, at Central College, provides leadership for transforming education through the power of technology. It is comprised of two areas: The Curriculum Innovation Center and College Technical Support

The goal of the Curriculum Innovation Center (CIC) is to assist faculty with the infusion of technology into curriculum through training and support while focusing on instructional best practices. The CIC at Central College functions to foster faculty collaboration through mentorships, to provide technical training support for Eagle Online, and to encourage professional development with an emphasis on incorporating video within the instructional format.

The goal of Technical Support is to ensure that faculty, students, and staff have the information technology tools and infrastructure necessary to carry out the College's mission. We provide the infrastructure that enables members of the Central community to make maximum use of the appropriate information technology tools in their learning, teaching,  administration, and support activities.

Important Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a key for the Teaching Stations (MTS)?
    To get an MTS key, please contact your department chair or his/ her secretary for key checkout. If unsuccessful, please call the CIC @ 718-6095 for further instructions.

    Video on using MTS Teaching Stations

  • How do I get an Eagle Online DE or Hybrid course?
    An application form and the Course approval form must be completed and approved through DE before an instructor can teach a DE course. For these forms and more see “Getting Approved to Teach DE” @

    Approval to teach a Hybrid (50% on campus and 50% off) or a Web-enhanced course(s) goes through the Department Chairs. Eagle Online 2 online training is @

  • What is and how do I get an account? is an online learning resource that HCC faculty and staff can use to learn software, latest classroom technology, instructional design, business skills, and much more. contains over 2,300 video tutorials on a vast amount of topics.

    To get an account complete the online form @

  • What is Edutube and how do I get an account?
    Edutube is HCC’s own version of YouTube. It provides a facility for uploading a variety of media formats quickly and easily. However, in addition, it offers private space for faculty to store media not for public consumption in order to link to it from their Eagle Online courses or Learning Web page.

    Faculty can login using their HCC email credentials @

  • Can I delete my previous semester syllabus when I upload the new one to the Learning Web?
    No. State law ( House Bill 2504) requires each syllabus to be up on the Learning Web for two years.

    Faculty should archive previous semester syllabus and upload a new one every semester. See Archive Syllabus in a Course tutorial

  • How do I reserve the Podcast room?
    Locatred on the 3rd Floor of SJAC, the Central Podcast room is equipped with the latest software and audio microphones for faculty to record high quality media. To schedule an introduction to using the equipment email

  • What is Artstor and how do I get an account?
    Artstor is an online resource of 1.8 million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences.

    Faculty must be on campus to create an account at Artstor. Create your account @
    Once you register from campus then you can access the database off campus.

    To gain Instructors Privileges which gives you the ability to create your own collections, email


Curriculum Innovation Center

Charlotte Hamilton

Director College Educational Technology


Ruben Duran

Sr. Web & Video Developer



Instructional Technology

Pete Medina

Sr. Hardware/Software Tech


Israel Garza

Hardware/Software Tech


Wayne (Quan) Mayson

Hardware/Software Tech


Darren Townley

Hardware/Software Tech



Faculty Mentor

Audrey Crawford

Faculty Mentor



Mentor CIC Hours





12pm - 3:00pm

11am - 3:00pm

 10:30am - 12:00pm


Open Labs & Hours








Central Campus
9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-5:30PM 9AM-2PM Closed
South Campus
9AM-9PM 9AM-9PM 9AM-9PM 9AM-9PM Closed 9AM-4PM


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Projects & Presentations

Digital Storytelling @ HCC

HCC has launched a Digital Storytelling initiative funded by Dr. Maldonado as an outcome of the Leadership Excellence Institute. Digital Storytelling methodology of participatory media was created in 1992, and has taught hundreds of workshops around  the  world  with  a  variety  of  communities  and  organizations.  Our  unique  digital  storytelling  workshop  model  integrates  creative  writing,  oral  history,  and  participatory  media  production  to  assist  people  with  little  to  no  prior  video-making  experience  in  producing  short  digital  videos,  or  “digital  stories.”  The  ultimate  goal  is  to  increase  institutional  capacity  for  teaching  high  quality  blended  courses  and  to  orchestrate  coordination  of  institutional  resources  between  faculty  and  students.    We’ll  also  highlight  the  technologies  in  place  to  support  faculty  in  implementing  Digital  Storytelling  in  their  instructional  offering—  HCC  Edutube,  WeVideo  for  group  collaboration,  captions,  and  video  assignments.

Download 2015 Faculty Conference presentation titled Digital Storytelling @ HCC— 2015 Faculty Conference 


A remarkable three days in the Curriculum Innovation Center with HCC's first Digital Storytelling workshop led by Joe Lambert and Mary Ann McNair of the Center for Digital Storytelling. Eight faculty members were joined by media specialists to produce first-person narratives and understand the future of digital storytelling in the general curriculum. 

Kaltura Connect 2013 and 2014

HCC presentation at Kaltura Connect 2014 in New York City.
Lessons Learned from Cross Campus Video Deployment
Presented by Ruben Duran

HCC presentation at Kaltura Connect 2013 in New York City.
Cross-Campus Video Deployment, Now And in The Future
Presented by Charlotte Hamilton, Ruben Duran, Jordan Carswell.

Video has become an important tool for professors in the classroom and students have better resources than ever before to help them learn to their fullest potential. Learn how Houston Community College implemented a cross-campus media solution using Kaltura to make video an integral part of instruction. At HCC, faculty can easily record lectures, give video assignments and engage students in story telling using video. New technology that is now being implemented keep students focused on learning, enable collaboration and help students stay on track.

Developing Multi-Disciplinary Documentaries: Telling Your Story

The New Media Consortium Conference (NMC) was held June 15-18, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. HCC Central was awarded the People's Choice and Judges Choice Awards for their interactive instructional presentation "Developing Multi-Disciplinary Documentaries: Telling Your Story". The presentation showcased the documentary Colores del Carnaval Dominicano, a Carnaval costume, and mask.

Presented by Charlotte Hamilton, Donna Pinnick, and Ruben Duran.

Curriculum Innovation Center 

HCC featured among elites in ARTstor

ARTstor, the largest educational online image database, announced the availability of a new collection documenting the Dominican Republic carnival. Rubén Durán, of Central's Curriculum Innovation Center, photographed his native culture while Central Fine Arts Division's Donna Pinnick supplied the searchable keywords and data of the 550-image collection that was posted for browsing last week. The collection is an extension of the work they did on the educational film, "Colores del CArnaval Dominicano" that premiered in 2011.

"We wanted the film to be available to professors and students through WorldCat and we wanted to support the film with searchable images for extended study and our alliance with ARTstor made that possible," said Pinnick.

Durán added, "We knew HCC was the only community college to submit a collection but we didn't know we would be among such prominent institutions. It's really impressive to see Houston Community College alongside The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Library of Congress Image Collection, not to mention, the Guggenheim, Getty, Cornell, Yale and Princeton."

Look for Houston Community College in the ARTstot list of collections > ARtstor Collections