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New starting this Fall:  1-NOW Program

New starting this Fall: 1-NOW Program

The 1-NOW Program offered by the HCC Online College requires you to complete only one class every five weeks to start earning your associate of arts degree in either Business, Multidisciplinary Studies, or Teaching.

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HCC is one of the most affordable colleges in the nation. The same is true for HCC Online. We have one of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation, so what are you waiting for? Get started today!


HCC can save you money on a 4-year degree. A lot of money! Want to get a 4-year degree from one of Texas’ great universities for nearly half the price? Start with HCC. If you complete your first two years of study at HCC, you can transfer to a 4-year school with an associate degree and save yourself upwards of $16,000 in university tuition and fees.


HCC's Online College is the largest college in the entire Houston Community College System. In fact, HCC's Online College is the third largest online community college in the entire nation.


HCC Online can help you stay in school and finish your certificate or degree faster. A recent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, on behalf of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that students participating in HCC Online courses were more likely to stay in school and finish their degrees sooner than students taking traditional, face-to-face classes.


HCC Online offers 60 online degree and certificate programs. HCC Online allows you to take the courses you need to graduate from the comfort of your favorite space and at a time that fits your schedule.


HCC Online offers more than 70 hybrid degree and certificate programs as well as general education, elective, and core courses in more than 80 areas of study. So, even if your major is not available completely online, you can still take a large number of your required and elective courses online. HCC Online provides the flexibility and convenience you need to stay on track and finish your degree or certificate faster.

Important Information

Is Online Learning Right for You?

Self Discipline

Many students are attracted to the flexibility that online learning offers; however, that flexibility requires students to be motivated and self-disciplined.  A successful online student has the discipline and motivation necessary to prioritize their educational goals and focus on their coursework.  If you are the type of person who can stick to a plan and put in the work necessary to be successful, then online learning might be a great fit for you.  


Time Management

Unlike in a traditional, face-to-face course with scheduled class times and a rigid course structure, an online class requires students to manage their own time and establish their own priorities.  Students need to schedule time to participate in their online course, study, and complete their assignments.  A successful online student can develop a plan and stick to it, keep ahead of tasks, and seek help when needed.  Achieving your educational goals, while keeping up with the rest of life’s obligations isn’t easy, but it is possible with the flexibility of online learning.


Organizational Skills

Organizing a busy schedule and balancing between work, family life, and getting an education can be challenging; however, with the right attitude and approach it is possible.  A successful online student sets goals, establishes a pace to achieve those goals, and keeps track of their progress along the way.  Most importantly, they can adapt when things don’t go as planned.  If this sounds like you, then online learning might be the best way for you to achieve your educational goals.



Online and hybrid courses rely on technology for the delivery of the course as well as completion of assignments, etc.  Students interested in online or hybrid courses need access to a PC or Mac computer and a broadband connection to the Internet.  In order to be successful in an online or hybrid courses students should have basic computer skills, be competent with office productivity applications, and the use of websites. 



SmarterMeasure is a website that helps students determine their level of readiness for taking online courses.  Students are asked questions on their computer proficiency, motivation, organization, and learning style.  Students are even able to measure their onscreen reading speed and comprehension.  You can access SmarterMeasure at https://hccs.smartermeasure.com.



Applying to HCC Online

With an open admissions policy, whether you choose to transfer to a four-year university, decide to enter the workforce, or earn a degree or certificate, we will provide you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in today’s technological and global economy. HCC is proud to be a leader in innovation and student diversity.

The online application is for students who have never enrolled in a course at Houston Community College. If you plan to complete your degree or certificate online, please indicate this when filling out the application.  If you already have an HCC student ID, do not submit another application. Having multiple applications in the system can be problematic.  Visit HCC’s Applying & Paying page to get started today!


Resources for Transfer Students

Transferring from HCC to a four-year college or university is a popular path to a bachelor's degree. By earning college credits at HCC, you can build a solid academic foundation and save on the cost of college before you transfer.

The HCC Transfers Page is your place to find out transfer information, including transferable courses, transfer scholarships, university admission requirements and much more.  Visit the HCC Transfer Page


State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement

Houston Community College is now a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).  This means that HCC can offer online courses to residents in all states that are also SARA members.  Individual colleges must also be SARA members. 

Please be advised that certain online programs, which include internships, practicums, or other experiential requirements, may trigger additional State Authorization requirements. Check with the appropriate licensing or professional organization before you enroll in these types of programs to be sure that the HCC course credits will be accepted.

‌To learn more about state authorization for online students, visit the Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) web site and the NC-SARA website.

Complaints against a SARA participating institution must first go through the institution's own grievance procedures. All complaints regarding student grades or conduct violations are governed by the institution and the laws of the institution's home state. 

Complaint resolution for HCC students enrolled in online courses while residing outside of Texas:

  • The first step is to follow HCC student complaint procedures on the Student Procedures website (see both Course Grade Appeal and General Student Complaints).

If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of the institutional grievance process, the student may appeal, within two years of the incident, students may contact:

Certificate/diploma and program Issues: 

  • The Texas Workforce Commission's Career School section at 512-936-3100 

Degree-granting program issues: 

For more information about SARA student complaints visit: https://www.nc-sara.org/student-complaints-process


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