Steps to Transfer

1. Start Early and Plan Ahead

  • As you start your academic career at Houston Community College you should be investigating your transfer options. Academic Advisors and Counselors are available to help you meet your career and educational goals. HCC’s goal is to help students facilitate a seamless transfer to the college/university of their choice.

2. Research your Options

  • a. Determine which College/University has a degree in you chosen profession.
  • b. Research admission requirements such as required GPA, application deadlines, and minimum and maximum number of transfer credits accepted.
  • c. Investigate the cost of attendance, and then explore scholarship and financial aid requirements.
  • d. Determine if there is an on campus living requirement for transfer students.

3. Choose an Institution

  • a. Obtain degree plans and course equivalency guides for your College/University and major.
  • b. Complete a dual admission application for institutions that have established partnerships with Houston Community College

4. Get Organized
The transfer process requires you to meet many published deadline. Be sure to meet all deadlines or you application will not be considered for admission.
Some of the deadlines and requirements you need to be aware of are:

  • Application deadline
  • Financial Aid deadline
  • Scholarship Requirements and deadline
  • Housing Application and deadline

5. Choose to be Successful

  • The key to a successful transfer is your performance at Houston Community College. Excel in the required courses for transfer, get involved in campus activities, research your career goals, and meet all the published deadlines for transfer. If you need help, an Academic Advisor or Counselor will be glad to assist you.