HCC Co-op & Internship Program

The Houston job market is more competitive than it has been in recent memory. Even so, employers believe there is a skills-gap; students are graduating from high school/college without the proper skill-set needed by the Houston economy. Houston Community College is leading the solution to this problem by investing in its Career Services process and making job placement a cornerstone of student success.

The HCC Co-op & Internship Program (C.I.P.) is a new service that is managed by Career & Job Placement Services at Houston Community College. This program is designed to connect students and employers via a matching/placement service that entails a formal online process that both students and employers have to complete. Students enrolled in the Centers of Excellence Workforce Programs are enrolled at HCC in order to gain a skill/trade so to begin working in their respective fields of interest. C.I.P. provides these students with peace of mind as the program partners with employers to schedule interviewing opportunities, on an ongoing basis on the respective HCC campus, for current openings as these employers would like to make a hiring decision very soon. Employers in the relevant COE industries have expressed interest in establishing talent pipelines via C.I.P. leading to direct hires.

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Goals for the HCC Co-op & Internship Program


1. To strategically place students into paid co-ops/internships that will provide opportunities to gain professional experience in their respective field(s) of interest.


2. To develop relationships with HCC Employer Partners in all fields who are seeking co-ops/interns to complement their business needs and/or would like to create a co-op/internship just for HCC Eagles!


3. To assist all students with securing employment and therefore gaining professional experience to place upon the resume which will ensure HCC Eagles are competitive in the job market as well as when applying for four-year degree programs.


4. To equip our students in understanding the value of the knowledge and gifts they possess and will need beyond the classroom in order to vigorously pursue their careers and achieve their American Dream.


5. To prepare students for the job search and application process by requiring a complete internship application, a professional resume, a successful mock interview, professional business attire, social media scrub, and an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

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Students and alumni are encouraged to utilize their CareerHub accounts to schedule appointments with Career Services or to call us.  

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