Degree Plans for 2008-2009

The links below take you to PDF files containing certificate and degree plans, academic year 2008-2009. The plans are organized in the same clusters as the 2008-2009 catalog.

Academic Degree Plans

Associate in Arts
Associate in Science
AAT-EC-4 Generalist-Only Track
AAT-Elementary and Special Ed Track
AAT- Secondary and All-Level Track

Academic Institutional Certificates

Advanced Dance Institutional Certificate
Global Studies Institutional Certificate
Mexican-American/Latino Studies Institutional Certificate
Women and Gender Studies Institutional Certificate

Career and Technology Education Degree Plans

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Architecture & Construction
Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications


Business, Management & Administration
Marketing, Sales & Service

Education & Schools

Government & Public Service

Government & Public Administration
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Health & Medical Sciences
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Services & Social Sciences
Information Technology
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics