Student Life at Northeast

Student Life at Northeast

Welcome to Student Life!

The engagement opportunities with Student Life help complement the academic experience that extends learning pass the classroom. Our mission is to enhance the student experience through co-curricular programs, humanitarianism, and civic engagement, and campus government; develop leadership skills; and positive interpersonal relationships, while being exposed to diverse ideas through participation with student clubs and organizations. 

We offer programs, events, and services that contribute to a student’s holistic education. It is not enough for a student to excel academically and we encourage student participation and engagement outside of the classroom so that students are offered opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

Our programming promotes cultural awareness, diversity, and leadership development. We aim to produce well-rounded leaders, industry professionals, and key contributors to society.

Learning does not stop once a student has left the classroom. Student involvement includes the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities, community service and campus government; develop leadership skills; and positive interpersonal relationship skills, while being exposed to diverse culture and ideas. Student Life supports the institutional mission by promoting retention and success while in college. 

We want students to take an active role in their personal development while also enjoying their experience at the college and we are here to help students do just that.

Each student at HCC helps to support student activity programming by paying $1 per credit hour enrolled each semester. Your fee dollars are put to great use by each Student Life Office to provide leadership opportunities, guest speakers, awareness weeks, fun activities, and so much more.

Student Life Coordinator

Ashley Rhodes

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