Coleman CAB

Coleman CAB

College Activity Board

Every semester, students help support campus events by paying the Student Activity Fee that is $1 per enrolled credit hour. Fee dollars are put to great use because they fund events offering: leadership opportunities, guest speakers, awareness weeks, fun activities, and so much more.

*Please note ALL students have to be the primary beneficiary of all funds requested.*

Applying for CAB

Funds can be requested using the following forms

CAB Application for Events and Supplies

CAB Application for Travel

**All applications must be complete and have all required supporting documents and signatures at the time of submission. General Assembly participation will also be verified before application is accepted for review by the board to verify eligibility.**


Student Activity Fee

Because these funds are accumulated by the Student Activity Fee, the stipulations for funding are in accordance with the Texas Education Code.

  • Definition- A student activity is defined as an organized, supervised, extracurricular activity, which is separate and apart from the regularly scheduled academic functions of the institution. Students must be involved in the conception, planning and implementation or directly benefit by participation
  • The Student Activity Fee funds shall be used on behalf of all Houston Community College students, to enhance their educational, social, and recreational experience at Houston Community College. This fee will support activities outside of the regular academic curriculum, which in the final analysis, are to the direct benefit of the student body. 




Who Can Apply?

Who Can Request Funds?

  • Student Organizations
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Administrator
  • Campus Entity


CAB Can Fund

a. Student Government Activities: These are activities or initiatives sponsored by the Student body or parts thereof. These include student government organizations and any registered student clubs of the HCC.

b. Conference Activities (Conference Fund): These activities involve support for students of the College attending lectures, conferences, symposia, or similar activities. If you are approved for funding you must receive approval from the Student Life Coordinator, Dean, and President's office to attend before booking any travel or conference registration.

c. Special Activity Funding: Available to student organizations to provide financial assistance when holding activities and events.

d. Service Activities: These are activities whose primary purpose is to provide volunteer service to the College community, outside the College community, or both.

e. Co-curricular Activities: These are activities, which promote, supplement, or enhance the curricular activities of the students. To be included in this category, the activity for which funding is requested must be clearly linked to those of academic departments, programs, or schools and they must be in the direct benefit of the students.

f. Cultural Activities: These are activities, which consist of programs that are designed to increase cultural awareness, and these activities must be for the benefit of and open to the entire college community.

g. Interscholastic Activities: These are activities, which involve competitions, exchange of ideas, or simulations with students of other institutions of higher education.

h. Peer and Public Education Activities: These are activities, which promote knowledge and information within and/or outside the College Community regarding subjects of importance or interest to the community. Funding for political, or religious-based programs must be funded on a viewpoint-neutral perspective.

i. Humanitarian Activities: These are activities, which, through student activities, promote or encourage the humane treatment of people or animals.

j. Hobby Activities: These are activities which promote, enhance, or encourage the hobbies of students at the College


*All equipment valuing over $50.00 purchased through CAB must be returned to the Student Life Office after the event*



CAB Cannot Fund

  • Politically partisan activities in support of or in opposition to a candidate or political party are not fundable regardless of viewpoint.
  • Religious worship ceremonies and devotional activities are not fundable regardless of viewpoint.
  • Activities for which academic credit is received.
  • No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will be funded.
  • Activities with the intent of excluding students from free participation of membership.
  • Items purchased to be sold as fundraising items. (EX: cannot purchase cookies, cupcakes, etc. and resell in a fundraiser.
  • Events/programs in which there is an admissions fee to enter/participate in the event/program. (EX: by paying the Student Activity Fee, students have already paid, so they cannot be recharged to enter events. All events should be free and open admission.)
  • CAB will not fund or approve events occurring in May through September or the month of December.
  • CAB will not pay for the following...
    1. Any alcoholic beverages or tobacco products, or receipts that include alcoholic beverages
    2. State sales tax (HCC is tax exempt)
    3. Any personal expenses (i.e., toiletries, food, living expenses, gas, etc.)
    4. Events not open to all HCC students
    5. Any events used to make a profit (i.e., fundraisers)
    6. Programs that support a candidate for public office, the outcome of legislation, or organizations acting as “fronts” (people participating in information exchange, presentations, internships, or forums are not considered “fronts”)
    7. Classes, credit, or room and board at any institution
    8. Charities, scholarships, and philanthropic efforts
    9. Any items, programs, events or professional development not in compliance with the HCC Student Code of Conduct
    10. Gift Cards


Student Organization Guidelines for funding

  • Student Organization applicants must be a Student Life registered student organization.
  • Student Organizations must send at least 1 representative to at least 1 monthly Student Government General Assembly meeting.
  • Must have attended a CAB Training.
  • Organizations cannot re-apply for additional CAB funds for the same event. All needs must be clearly outlined in the original request.
  • Organization advisors may not apply for CAB funds on behalf of the organization if there are no members in the organization.


CAB Appeal Process

Appeals to grant funding decisions should be submitted to the Student Fee Advisory Committee within 5 business days of receiving your official denial email. All decisions regarding appeals made at the college-level are final.



Lottie Kesee

For more information, questions, or to join the College Activity Board please contact us.

1900 Pressler St, Suite 126, Houston, TX 77030