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Community Collaborations

Center for Healing of Racism, SKANSKA USA, the University of Houston Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage, Association for the Advancement of Mexican American AAMA Youth Program, HISD Transition Program, Kaltura, Wonda VR, Stanford U Virtual Heart. 


VR For Empathy Workshop in Collaboration with the Center for the Healing of Racism
VR For Empathy Workshop in Collaboration with the Center for the Healing of Racism.
VR Symposium. Spring 2018
2018 VR Symposium: The Area's first Virtual Reality Symposium with many institutions.

Community Ability Day

Ability STEM Day, VAST Academy

DUKE-RICE Tip students in VR Lab

DUKE & RICE University TIP students participate in STEM projects

Interior Design Portfolio Show @ Houston Decorative center

Edutube Summit. Fall 2019

Edutube Summit: Instructional Media Symposium

Design and Community Day. Interior Design at  HMFA

Art+Design+Community day at Houston Museum of Fine Arts 

Digital Storytelling Workshops