Strictly Speaking

Purpose of the Project:

Strictly Speaking is designed to enhance the speaking skills of non-native English speakers through conversation and immersion into U.S. culture. The Sessions are informal and is not in place to substitute ESL courses, but rather
to supplement them. Mentors (Faculty/ Staff) work one-on-one with assigned students.

Structure of the Program:

The structure of Strictly Speaking sessions is flexible which allows the mentor and student to shape their experience the way they feel most comfortable. Involvement in Strictly Speaking provides both the student and Mentor with an opportunity to build a sense of community through intercultural and interpersonal understanding.

Strictly Speaking Kick-Offis held in the beginning of every semester.  During the semester, students have an opportunity to meet with their Mentors at least twice a month until the end of semester. Each session will last approximately 30 minutes.  In addition to these sessions mentor/mentee will also be able to participate in different cultural/college events as well as visiting to local cultural sites, as time permits.  All participants are invited to the end of year reception to celebrate participant’s accomplishments.

To participate as a Strictly Speaking Mentor

  1. Learn about Requirements
  2. Fill out a SEM Application Form

To participate as a Strictly Speaking Mentee

  1. To participate in this program student must show English proficiency ESOL Level III or higher F
  2. Fill out a SEM Application Form