ACE Evaluated Military Training and College Credit for Heroes

ACE Evaluated Military Training and College Credit for Heroes

We are committed to ensuring our military service members and veterans receive credit for their college-level knowledge gained through their service to our country.  We are proud to participate in Texas’ College Credit for Heroes.  When you are talking with a military student or veteran, it is best to use this protocol:

1.   Review the student’s military documents. These could be AARTS or SMART Transcripts to understand her/his training (basic plus specialty or MOS).  If the student does not have paperwork with her/him, help the student find what is needed by providing the student with access to:

The Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS)

Sailor/Marine/ACE Registry Transcript (SMART)

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)

U.S. Coast Guard Institute

(For Coast Guard Institute transcripts, obtain the form at their website (above) and Submit request via Email to:

2.   AARTS and SMART transcripts will display the ACE-recommended credits for the service member’s training.  For Air Force service members and veterans who have attended the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), they will need to contact CCAF for their college transcripts.

3.   WECM, ACE Recommendation Crosswalk – It is likely best to directly connect the soldier or veteran with the HCC District Office of Veteran Affairs via this email address: for assistance.  Veterans may also be referred to the College Credit for Heroes website at to understand how the ACE credit recommendations align with the WECM database.

4.   Please advise the soldier or veteran to order Official Transcripts sent directly to the HCC Centralized Registrar electronically. The registrar’s office will scan the transcripts so advisors can download the information.

5.   The credits will be applied to the SLO (Student Learning Outcomes) when they align, otherwise the credit will be recognized as elective credit.

6.   The ACE Military Flow Chart and CCH Flow Chart are included in this guide for your convenience.

Note: All military students seeking advanced credit need to complete the Application for Advanced College Credit form (p. 17) and obtain military waiver code from office of VA Affairs. The $25 fee for ACC is waived for all military students.

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