Accepted Exams

Accepted Exams

HCC encourages students to use for-credit examinations to demonstrate subject matter knowledge. These exams cover a wide-range of topics and disciplines. A complete listing  of exams is included  in the Resources Section of this Guide. Taking exams for credit is one of the most affordable ways to accelerate degree completion.

It is recommended that students who are fluent in Spanish take CLEP exams to demonstrate their knowledge. A Spanish-speaking student could earn up to fourteen credits through CLEP which will save time and money while moving that student fourteen  credits closer to degree completion.

The following exams may be taken for credit or transferred into HCC if the student has already taken an exam:

Procedures for National Exam

  1. Any student interested  in demonstrating his/her knowledge by passing an exam needs to be advised first if the exam (s) are applicable to the student’s degree plan.
  2. The student needs to register and pay for the exam.
  3. The student needs to take the exam.
  4. The test scores will be sent directly to the HCC Registrar.  Passing scores are accepted and posted to the student’s  transcript.
  5. CLEP exams can be taken at each college.  For a schedule of testing dates, contact your campus counselor.

Note:   Application for Advanced College Credit form and $25 fee is NOT required for national exams.

Procedures for Internal Exam

  1. Any student interested in demonstrating her/his knowledge by passing an exam needs to be advised first if the exam(s) are applicable to the student’s degree plan.
  2. Provide the student with an Application for Prior Learning Assessment form.
  3. Students may request through the appropriate department chair, permission to take final exams for certain courses.
  4. The student needs to pay a $25 fee to the Business Office at campus upon submission of the “Application for Prior Learning Assessment” form to the   advisor.  An additional fee to take a final exam may also apply.
  5. The student is then approved to take the exam.  At this point, the student needs to register for the exam or make arrangements to take a proctored exam with the appropriate HCC Chair of the department that would recognize the credit (such as Business, English, Humanities, etc.).  In cases where the exam of a course is skills based, the student coordinates a time and place with the department chair to take the exam.  Students must not have previously enrolled in the course.
  6. Test scores are reviewed by the Instructional Dean and/or Department Chair.  Passing scores are then accepted, submitted to Registrar, and credit is posted as “AP” on the student’s transcript.

Note:  All students seeking advanced credit by department final or challenge exam need to complete the Application for Prior Learning Assessment form and pay the $25 fee.