Requirements for Academic Progress

Requirements for Academic Progress

Requirements for Academic Progress
A student’s academic progress will be evaluated for the first time after a minimum of nine attempted semester hours. Houston Community College uses the 4.0 grade point average system and numerical code: 4.0 = A; 3.0 = B; 2.0 = C; 1.0 = D; and 0.0 = F. Some health sciences programs use a different grading scale. A student is expected to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 based upon the aggregate number of hours attempted at Houston Community College. Each status is defined with the required action:

Status - Good Standing
Definition - Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
Action Required - None

Status - Probation
Definition - Cumulative GPA below 2.0
Action Required - Must register for SLIP and work with a counselor prior to enrolling in classes.

Status - Continued Probation
Definition - Cumulative GPA below 2.0 and Term GPA 2.0 or above
Action Required - Continue to work with the counselor from a previous semester.

Status - Suspension
Definition - Previous term status of probation or continued probation and Term GPA below 2.0
Action Required - Must register for SLIP and work with a counselor prior to enrolling in classes.

  • Students on probation or suspension are required to attend a Successful Learning Intervention Program (SLIP) session prior to re-enrollment in order to meet with their designated counselor. The counselor will stipulate conditions of enrollment, including but not limited to, maximum hours and/or specific courses. It is important to note that a student on an Academic Suspension may be unable to enroll in classes for one semester. An Academic Suspension may be appealed by completing the necessary paperwork in the counseling office. For more information, see the Requirements for Academic Progress section at
  • Students enrolled in multiple summer sessions will have their entire summer’s work evaluated for determination of their academic status.
  • Students in certain Health Sciences programs are required to maintain a grade of "C" in all courses in order to continue in the program. Students not meeting these standards may continue to enroll at HCC in other programs as long as they maintain minimum HCC requirements.
  • Students are responsible for knowing whether they have passed the minimum standards for continuation in college. Ineligible students who register will be subject to dismissal with forfeiture of all tuition and fees.

If a student has any questions, please contact a campus advisor at

Satisfactory Progress Requirements for Financial Aid Students
Financial aid students must meet the following satisfactory progress requirements set by the federal government:

  • Must maintain a term GPA of 2.0
  • Must complete at least 67% percent of attempted courses for the academic year
  • Must enroll in courses leading to an HCC degree or certificate
  • Students who do not maintain the standards listed above will be ineligible to receive financial aid. A student may appeal a suspension of financial aid by submitting a written request to the college Financial Aid Office. A detailed description of the financial aid standards of progress requirement is available in the college Financial Aid Office and online at

Satisfactory Progress Requirement for Veteran & Military Affiliated Students
The Department of Veterans Affairs requires that any student utilizing VA education benefits make satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for such benefits.
Respective students on academic probation and suspension will be reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Time Frame Component

A student receiving the Hazlewood Act exemption will be expected to complete their educational attainment objective or course of study within their first 90 semester hours.

Grades of “F, FX, I, NG, or W”, repeated courses are counted in the aggregate total number of hours attempted. Students will not receive exemption if the class has previously been passed unless the program of study requires students to take the course more than twice.

Please see the Academic Information section of the following website for grade definitions:

Repeating Courses / Veteran & Military-Affiliated Students
Students using VA educational or Hazlewood Act benefits may not retake a course in which a passing grade or a temporary grade of “I” is awarded.
It is ultimately the responsibility of the student to know which course(s) has/have been completed.
The HCC VMASS District office is required to notify the VA of any course duplications, and appropriate changes will be made when a student has taken a class that has been deemed successfully completed.

Progress Records
Students can check their grades at any point by logging into their Student Account. A student may login to his/her Student Account at the following link:

Grade Reports
Grades generally post one week after the last final exam for that particular term or semester.

Records and Transcripts
A transcript of college credits is an official copy of the student’s permanent record bearing the HCC seal and the signature of the Registrar. Students may request a transcript at:
Requests may also be made at any HCC campus. It is highly recommended that transcripts be sent electronically to colleges and universities to expedite processing. There is a charge for transcript processing. All admissions information must be on file and all holds cleared before a student’s record will be released. A student should allow a week for delivery following the transcript request.
Additional time should be allowed at the close of a semester.
Students should request transcripts of work completed at another institution from that institution.