Refunds and Credit Balance

Refunds and Credit Balance

Refund of Financial Aid Residual
The Financial Aid Office determines the schedule of financial aid refunds in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education.

HCC Eagle Card
In June 2016, HCC contracted with BankMobile Disbursement to manage student refunds through the HCC Eagle Card. Students can choose either to open a BankMobile account or have their refunds deposited to an existing account by clicking “Choose a Refund Option” button on their student center page.

Credit Balances & Refunds
Credits generated as a result of withdrawal shall be refunded after the official date of record or earlier upon student request. Credits resulting from credit card payments shall be refunded to the same credit card used for initial payment as the first option. However, if it is not practicable, HCC may refund it through HCC Eagle Card.

Amount of refunds for withdrawals are determined in accordance with the Drop and Withdrawal Refund Schedule based on total semester fees. If the student has established a payment plan, any remaining installment payments due are deducted from the refund amount. Any reduction in the balance due to a withdrawal will be adjusted on the remaining installments.

Course withdrawal does not release the student from the obligation to pay any balance owed to the College. One hundred percent (100%) refund before class begins of ALL tuition and fees will be made ONLY when the college chooses not to offer the class, college error is involved, or before the applicable drop deadline.

Delinquent Student Account Balances
Holds will be placed on the student record preventing registration, grades, transcripts and other college services as the account balance becomes delinquent. Balances not settled may be forwarded to a collection agency. It is the student’s responsibility to pay collection fees, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 24% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, incur in such collection efforts.

Notification of the outstanding student account balance is delivered by email to the student’s college email address and/or by mail to the current mailing address on record. Students can always view the balance and details online. It is the responsibility of the students to update their email and mailing addresses each time there is a change. Notifications sent by the college thru any of these addresses are considered delivered.

Schedule for Drop and Withdrawal Refunds
100% Refund Dates on Drops/Withdrawals are listed on the schedule.*
*A $15.00 Change of Schedule Fee is deducted after computing the percentage refund. All non-refundable fees will be deducted before the percentage for refund is applied.

Class LengthLast Day for 70% 
Refund *
Last Day for 25% 
2 or less wks. 2nd day   n/a
3 wks. 3rd day 4th day
4 wks. 4th day 5th day
5 wks. 5th day 6th day
6 wks. 6th day   7th day
7 wks. 7th day 9th day
8 wks. 8th day 10th day
9 wks. 9th day 11th day
10 wks. 9th day 12th day
11 wks. 10th day 14th day
12 wks. 12th day 15th day
13 wks. 13th day 16th day
14 wks. 13th day 17th day
15 wks. 14th day 19th day
16 wks. or more 15th day 20th day

Returned Checks
A $25.00 returned check fee shall be assessed when a check payment or an electronic check payment is returned unpaid.

Non-Refundable Fees
NOTE: HCC does not refund the following fees for any reason other than that the selected class fails to have adequate enrollment to be offered in the selected term.

  • Drop/Add - $15
  • Returned Check - $25
  • Stop Payment - $25
  • Payment Plan Enrollment - $30
  • Payment Plan Late - $10
  • International Application - $75
  • International Orientation - $50
  • Deferment/Reproduction - $50
  • (One-time charge for F, M, or J Visas only)
  • Transcript - $5*
  • Transcript via Overnight Express or Fax - $15
  • Advanced Standing Examination for College Credit (per course) - $25
  • Advanced Standing Credit (per evaluation) - $25

A student is not registered for any course until the full amount is paid or an installment contract is executed. For students enrolling in a Health Sciences program, see the Health Sciences section.
*An additional service provider fee is required if transcript is requested by phone or Web.