After Absence
Students who have not enrolled for two or more consecutive regular semesters (fall, spring) must complete the core residency questions and satisfy all applicable requirements for residency again prior to registration. See Residency Information below.

After Suspension/Academic Withdrawal
Students seeking readmission after being placed on enforced Academic Withdrawal or Suspension at HCC must attend a Student Learning Intervention Program (SLIP) session at the college they attend. Students may be required to enroll in specified courses and/or have their course load limited. Information about readmission after suspension or academic withdrawal is available on the HCC website at

Academic Fresh Start
Under the provisions of the Texas Education Code Section 51.931, Texas residents seeking to apply for admission or re-admission to HCC and/or any specialized program at HCC may elect to have academic course credit more than ten (10) years old prior to the starting date of the semester in which they seek to enroll, not be considered as part of the admissions process. An applicant admitted to HCC under this provision may not receive any course credit for courses taken 10 or more years prior to enrollment. This means courses excluded under this provision may not be counted toward a degree, GPA calculations, academic standing or to meet pre-requisite requirements. Applicants interested in the Academic Fresh Start Program must meet all HCC admissions requirements and must submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities along with a petition found at Academic-Fresh-Start-(Update).pdf prior to admission to HCC.

Admissions for Minors
Students who are 16 years old or younger AND have graduated from high school may be eligible for special admission to Houston Community College. Applicants who are admitted under the special admission process can enroll in college courses at an HCC campus or online.
In addition to the regular admission process, students age 16 years or younger must:

  • Show proof of education indicating graduation from public high school or completed secondary education according to the same general standards as those students who graduated from public high school.
  • Once admitted, meet with the Dean of Student Success prior to registering for the first semester.

Students under the age of 14 must have a parent or legal guardian available at the HCC campus site at all times when their child is attending each class. This is required to help monitor the student's activities and to be immediately available in case of an emergency. While on site at HCC, the parent or legal guardian cannot be in the student’s classroom. Failure to be available on campus or insistence on being in the student’s classroom will cause the student to be removed from each enrolled class.