Library and Learning Resources

Library and Learning Resources

The library system consists of 11 libraries and 2 electronic resource centers (ERCs). Librarians are available to show you how to use the library and help you locate the resources you need. The HCC Library System maintains a large database of electronic resources as well as collections of books, magazines, newspapers, and audiovisual materials covering a wide variety of subjects. A complete description of the resources and library services is found in the online HCC Student Handbook.
The libraries’ online resources and service

How Do I Find What I Want?

The library system’s online catalog is available in all campus libraries and ERCs and is accessible from many remote sites, including your home computers. This offers an easy to use, up-to-date source for finding books at HCC and other libraries as well as access to HCC’s extensive list of full-text electronic resources and to the Internet.

What If It Isn’t At My Campus?

Books at every HCC Campus library can be requested by students and will be delivered to any other campus library. When you find a book you want, simply click on the "Request" button and follow the easy to read instructions. Periodical and newspaper articles are available through the extensive list of electronic subscriptions maintained by HCC. You can access these databases from any HCC Computer or from your home or work computer, if you have Internet access. You will need an HCC Library card number to access the databases from non-HCC Computers. If you don’t have an I.D. card or library card, go to the libraries’ catalog and click on “Get My Barcode” at

How Do I Check Out What I Need?

Use your HCC I.D. or get an HCC library card to checkout materials from any HCC library or to access electronic resources from your home computer. Your HCC I.D. will allow you to check out materials at any HCC Library. If you don’t have an HCC I.D., you can request an HCC library card at any library or go to and click on “Get My Barcode.“ You will need to present a picture I.D. and proof of registration. Either card will allow you to check out materials and give you access to all of the libraries’ electronic resources. Present your student I.D. card with the books you wish to borrow at the check-out desk. A book can be checked out for two weeks. You can renew it twice by telephone or the library website. Use of periodicals and audiovisual materials is limited to your college library.

Overdue Books

The card inside your books shows when it is to be returned. If you fail to return it, a “hold” status is reported and reflected on your student record and will affect your ability to register for additional courses or obtain a transcript. Also, you will be blocked from further borrowing until the materials due are returned to the library.

What About Other Libraries?

Your HCC library card, along with a TexShare library card that you can obtain from any HCC library site, enables you to check out materials from any other TexShare member library. This TexShare list includes most state-supported libraries, including all campuses of the University of Houston System and other community colleges in the Gulf Coast area. If you have questions, your campus librarian can direct you to other TexShare Libraries in the area. Remember, you will be subject to the loan rules of each individual institution—both as to the number of items you may check out and how long you may keep them out. You will also be responsible for returning the books to the lending library and for any overdue fines or lost book fees that particular library may charge.