High School Student Admissions

High School Student Admissions

Currently enrolled high school or home-schooled students may enroll in the same volume of HCC courses (each semester) as a traditional HCC student. Students should furnish a high school transcript, TSI scores (or documentation of exemption from TSI requirements), and approval from their high school. These students will need to maintain a "C" average to continue taking courses at HCC without limitations.

Dual Credit
To be eligible for any dual credit course, the student may be currently enrolled in a public school district, charter, or private school with an established memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Houston Community College. Dual Credit students must complete an HCC admission application and submit an official high school transcript indicating TAKS, STAAR SAT, and/or ACT test scores (or bring the official test score report if test scores do not appear on the high school transcript). Dual Credit students are also allowed to take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) to qualify for college courses taught as dual credit. Academic Dual Credit Courses: To be eligible for academic dual credit courses, high school students must pass the applicable areas of a Texas Success Initiative (TSI). The student may be exempt from state-mandated TSI testing if he/she meets the qualifying standards on applicable areas of the SAT, ACT, PSAT, or qualifying STAAR scores by subject. Students may take college level courses related to the area(s) of the test they pass. The student must also meet institutional course prerequisites. Dual Credit students must take only courses that apply directly to their pathway and degree plan. House Bill 505 removed limitations on the number of classes a dual credit student may take. However, Houston Community College recommends that students taking more than two classes per semester possess a 3.0 or higher grade point average in high school coursework. Dual Credit students, like all college students, are responsible for purchasing required textbooks and other essential course materials. The exception would be in cases where the high school provides textbooks. All Dual Credit instructional material is based on the recommended by the academic or workforce department. The Houston Community College Board of Trustees has waived tuition and fees for dual credit students. Students living within (In-District) or outside (Out-of-District) taxing districts may take dual credit classes at no
charge. If taught in the high school, the dual credit class must be composed solely of dual credit and/or college credit students, not traditional high school students. For Dual Credit courses, grading criteria allow faculty the opportunity to award high school
and college credit based on the student’s performance. For further information, contact any HCC counselor/advisor at any of the college locations. SB 1091 limits the courses students may take. The options are to either take academic core classes or career and technical education classes. Students may not do a mixture of both unless it is indicated in their designated degree pathway. The only exceptions are taking a foreign language course or being an Early College High School student. Dual credit students
must be placed on a degree plan when they enroll in the dual credit program.

Articulated Credit
HCC participates in the Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) program (commonly known as statewide articulation), provides an educational and training structure that is sensitive to the transition of high school students to college. The process that facilitates an orderly progression through programs of instruction is commonly referred to as “articulation.” Articulation agreements have been developed between HCC and school districts within the service area. These articulation agreements allow students to successfully complete certain Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in high school to receive college credits, contingent upon enrollment in a similar Career and Technical Education program at HCC. The high school course must be on the state-approved articulated list and taught by an instructor who meets the HCC credential standards as defined by SACS. Students will only be awarded articulated credit if they received a letter grade of “B” or higher in the high school
course while maintaining an overall high school GPA of at least a “C”. Students also will be awarded credit only if the course is a requirement of their degree or certificate. Any individuals interested in majoring in Workforce (CTE) programs who want to know if
they qualify for articulated credit under an Advanced Technical Credit agreement should contact an HCC Dual Credit Success Coach, Advisor or the appropriate program department chair. Students may apply for additional placement credit for no more than 18 semester credit hours. Credit for more than four courses in any one subject area requires special approval.

Early College High School Students
Early College High Schools (ECHS) provide students with a “seamless” pathway from high school to college. ECHS allows high school students to complete a two-year degree while working through his/her traditional high school degree plan. This integration typically involves an additional year of high school that includes a heavy concentration of college coursework. After tackling this rigorous course of study, students graduate high school
while earning up to 60 college credits, most of which are transferable to the post-secondary institution of their choice. ECHS provides strong support to students and their family in obtaining entrance to, and success in, higher education. For a listing of local ECHS, please visit https://www.hccs.edu/programs/dual-credit/dual-credit-high-schools.

Home School and Private/Charter School Students
Home-schooled students may attend Houston Community College as dual credit students. They must meet the same requirements as dual credit students enrolled in public or private high schools and follow the same process of admittance to Houston Community College. In addition, they must document their status as home-schooled students, along with all pertinent information required to register for classes at Houston Community College. The Houston Community College P-16 Council facilitates processes, consistency, standards, and procedures for homeschoolers who attend Houston Community College as dual credit students. Private and charter school students may take dual credit courses at Houston Community College, on campus or online, but must work through the administration of their high school. Private and charter schools who want dual credit as an option for their students must have established partnerships with Houston Community College.