Prior to graduation, students must submit all official transcripts of credits transferred from other institutions to the Office of Admissions and Records. A candidate for any degree or certificate must meet the graduation requirements in the catalog for the year of initial enrollment unless the student elects to graduate under the requirements of a more recent catalog. The candidate must indicate the catalog choice when applying for graduation. A student who does not maintain enrollment at HCC and has a gap in enrollment for a period of more than one calendar year is required to graduate under the catalog requirements set by the student’s year of readmission.
To be considered as a candidate for the AA, AS, AAT, AAS degree or Certificate of Completion, a student must meet with their advisor and get approval and then complete the application online through their student center. This should be done at the time of registration for the final semester or during registration for the spring semester if the student wants to participate in the May ceremony. Students who are unable to complete their degree plan on file at HCC may transfer back up to 42 semester hours of equivalent courses from an accredited institution. These courses must be completed within three years of their last semester of enrollment at HCC. All other graduation requirements must be satisfied including the requirement that 25% of a student’s degree must be completed at HCC.

  • Students who want a printed diploma must check the diploma box on the application and provide a diploma mailing address. There is no charge for the diploma. A student may request their records be reviewed at the conclusion of their course work so the appropriate degree or certificate will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

If a student did not elect to receive a copy of his/her diploma, a copy may be requested from the Registrar.

Graduation Honors
Graduation honors will be awarded to students pursuing an associates with superior cumulative GPAs. The following classifications of honors will be recognized on the student’s transcript and diploma:

  • Highest Honors - GPA 3.80 or above
  • High Honors - GPA 3.60 to 3.79
  • Honors - GPA 3.35 to 3.59

HCC will use the following guidelines to compute honors eligibility:

  • The student must complete at least 25% of the program at HCC.
  • The student must complete requirements for the AA, AS, AAT or AAS degree.(certificate graduates do not receive honors)
  • The grades in all HCC courses will figure in the cumulative GPA (developmental courses are excluded from the degree GPA).
  • Courses taken through the preceding fall semester will be used in computing the GPA for the ceremony. The student must have completed 75 percent of the course work for the degree at that time.

Participation in the Graduation Exercises
HCC holds one student graduation ceremony each year in May. Candidates for degrees and certificates are encouraged to attend the graduation ceremonies. Students who completed course requirements the previous December, or who plan to complete course requirements the following August, may participate in the May ceremony.
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