Basic Residency Requirements

Basic Residency Requirements

Basic Residency Requirements
For tuition purposes, according to Texas Education Code Section 54.075 and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rule 21.727, all students must answer a complete set of core residency questions within the admissions application. These questions will be used by the institution to determine if the person is a resident. The following persons shall be classified as Texas Residents and entitled to pay resident tuition at all institutions of higher education:

  • A person who was enrolled at a Texas public institution during a fall or spring semester within the previous twelve months and was classified as a Texas resident for tuition purposes.
  • A person who graduated from a public or accredited private high school in this state or as an alternative to high school graduation, received the equivalent of a high school diploma in this state, AND maintained a residence continuously in this state for the 36 months immediately preceding the date of graduation, or received the diploma equivalent as applicable and the 12 months preceding the census date of the academic semester in which the person enrolled.
  • A person or a dependent whose parent established a domicile in this state not less than 12 months before the census date of the academic semester in which the student enrolled in an institution. AND maintained a residence continuously in the state for the 12 months immediately preceding the census date of the academic semester in which the person enrolled in an institution.
  • If a basing residency on a spouse and have been married at least 12 months, residency may be classified based on the spouse’s qualifications for residency.

Establishing Residency
HCC is required by state law to determine the residency status of all students for tuition purposes. Students who have not enrolled for two or more consecutive regular semesters (Fall & Spring) must complete the residency core questions and satisfy all applicable requirements to establish residency. Additional documentation may be requested at any time following registration. Residency is determined at the time of registration, either by a student’s current address or by the address of a parent or legal guardian, if the student is being claimed by his/her parents or is eligible to be claimed by his/her parents as a dependent for federal income tax purposes. A post office box can be used for a mailing address but cannot be used to establish residency. It is the responsibility of the student to register under the correct residency classification. A complete set of rules and regulations for determining residency is available at each campus’s Admissions Office. For tuition purposes, a student will be classified according to the following guidelines. The Registrar is the final authority on all questions of residency.

In-District Residency
Students who have met the basic Texas residency requirements and live in the HCC taxing district (Alief ISD, Houston ISD, Stafford MSD, and part of Missouri City). Students must reside at a street address in the district. Post office boxes and dormitory addresses cannot be used.
Out-of-District Residency
Students who have met the basic Texas residency requirements and live outside the HCC taxing district (Alief ISD, Houston ISD, Stafford MSD, and part of Missouri City) are considered out-of-district residents.
Out-of-State Residency
A student who has not resided in Texas for 12 months immediately preceding registration is considered out-of-state. A non-resident student classification is presumed to be correct as long as the residence in the state is primarily used for the purpose of attending school. To be reclassified as a resident (after one or more years of residency), the student must show proof of intent to establish Texas as his/her permanent legal residence. See above section on Veteran and Military-Affiliated Students for information regarding residency determinations of Veterans and military-affiliated students.

International Student Residency
An international student is a non-U.S. citizen who is not a resident alien. International students living in the United States under an eligible visa permitting residence must provide documentation and meet the same requirements as a U.S. citizen to qualify for Texas resident status for tuition purposes.

Undocumented Students
Texas State Law states that undocumented students can be admitted to the college and be considered a resident of Texas for tuition purposes if the undocumented student resided in Texas, and met the conditions listed below:

  • Graduated or will graduate from a Texas public or private high school or received the
  • Resided in Texas for 36 months leading up to graduation from high school or receiving the equivalent of a high school diploma;
  • Have resided or will have resided in Texas for the 12 months prior to the census date
    of the semester in which the student will enroll in the college.
  • Sign the Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident provided by the college
    that states the student has filed or will file an application to become a permanent
    resident at the earliest opportunity the student is eligible to do so. equivalent of a high school diploma in Texas;

If the student does not meet these criteria, the student may still enroll, but will be classified as out-of-state for tuition purposes.

Change of Residency
Change from out-of-district residency to in-district residency must be made at the time of registration. Any address change which results in a change to in-district status must be accompanied by adequate documentation. Changes to in-district status made after registration will be effective the following semester. A student who qualifies for a change from out-of-state to in-state residency status for tuition purposes may file a petition for change of residency. The petition must be filed by the Official Day of Record for the regular term in order to receive any refund of tuition paid for that term.

Any student who provides false information or withholds information for proper determination of residency, admission, or enrolment is subject to any or all of the following penalties:

  • Withdrawal from all classes with no refund.
  • Dismissal from the institution.
  • Payment of the difference in fees within 30 days.
  • Loss of credit earned while under incorrect residency status.

See Student Code of Conduct or Board Policy FLB(LOCAL) for more information.