Adult Education Program

Adult Education Program

Adult Education Program

Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) courses are grant-supported and include high school equivalency preparation, Texas Certificate of High school Equivalency, basic Reading, Math, and Writing skills improvement, and English as-a-Second Language courses. Students pay a $20 non-refundable processing fee. These courses may be appropriate for students who are:

  • High school incomplete
  • High school complete
  • Other language speakers
  • Community business organizations

For information about Adult Education call the HCC AEL Hotline, (713) 718-5381 or visit

Workforce and Career Training Program (WCTP) is a collaborative effort by HCC and a number of high-profile nonprofit organizations to assist underemployed or unemployed individuals. All WCTP training integrates career training with Adult Education
classes. Financial aid is regularly available. All WCTP programs also can be configured to accommodate students whose second language is English. To find out more, email or call (713) 718-2779 or visit workforce--career-training.

IET/EL Civics offerings provide advanced English language learners with tuition assistance for concurrently enrolling in ESL courses that are integrated with Level One Certificate career programs. More information is available at

Career4U Academy
The Adult Education & Literacy program offers four Career4U Academies. These academies allow students to attend college without a TSI test and earn a Level 1 certificate. Each certificate program is between 6 months and two years long, and the classes are all credit courses with a combination of workforce preparation and an added support course throughout the program. When a student signs up for a Level 1 college certificate using financial aid or self-financing, HCC supports the student until graduation. HCC provides academic and advising support with Career Navigator and textbooks to borrow throughout a student’s Academy program. For more information, visit

Business Technology Academy
The Business Technology curriculum is designed to provide students an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for assuming administrative assistant and other office positions in today’s competitive workplace. The curricula are competencybased and organized to teach industry-driven educational outcomes.

  • General Office Administration
  • Legal Office Assistant
  • Medical Coding/Transcription Specialist
  • Microsoft Office Technology Specialization
  • Payroll Specialist

Construction Management Technology Academy
The Construction Management Technology program is designed to develop qualified personnel for employment in the field of construction or to enhance the workplace skills of those already employed in the industry for career advancement.

  • Construction Management Technology
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration - Advanced Certificate
  • Industrial Electricity – Electrical Helper
  • Machine Technology - Basic Manufacturing/Machining Certificate
  • Welding Technology - Basic Welding Helper Certificate Level 1

Information Technology Academy
Certificate programs focused on information technology usually last between six and 12 months. These programs will help a student to learn the basics of a particular area of information technology. IT certificate programs are often suitable for students who want to gain experience in the information technology field and are seeking to specialize in a particular skill or learn more about a particular topic.

  • Computer Systems Networking - Cyber Security Certificate Level 1
  • Computer Systems Networking - Microsoft Server Administration Certificate Level 1
  • Geographic Information Science Technician Certificate Level 1
  • Drone Operator Technician*

Healthcare Academy
Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the healthcare industry, including medical records and health information systems. If a student is interested in these essential healthcare industries areas, Healthcare Information is a great place to start.

  • Health Information Technician Level 1

Ability to Benefit Programs
The Adult Education & Literacy office at Houston Community College (HCC) has arrangements that will allow students who do not have a high school diploma or TxCHSE certificate to enroll at HCC and receive federal student aid including Pell Grants. Students
need to demonstrate that they have the “ability to benefit” from postsecondary education and training and can meet certain additional requirements.

Adult High School
Adult High School is a Credit Recovery program designed to assist current high school students and adults in obtaining a Texas high school diploma. A non-refundable tuition is charged for each half-credit course. Please see for tuition and fee information.

Online College
HCC does not have a separate admission policy for the Online College. All admission policies described above apply to all students regardless of how they plan to take their courses. In Spring 2011, HCC implemented Smarter Measure, an instrument to measure students’ readiness to take online courses and set minimum scores for course placement.

Non-Degree Seeking Students
A non-degree seeking applicant is admitted with the understanding that coursework will be taken for personal enrichment and not for the purpose of seeking a degree or certificate. Non-degree seeking students may not enroll in more than a total of 12 semester credit hours and are not eligible for state or federal financial aid.

Health Sciences Program Admissions
Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to a specific program. The HCC Health Sciences Programs have special conditions for admissions, including the following possibilities: successful completion of pre-requisite courses, acceptable scores on the Health Information Systems, Inc. (HESI) or other exam, submission of a personal narrative, and/or personal interview. For details, please refer to the website by visiting