General Admissions Criteria

A comprehensive community college system, HCC offers many programs designed to meet the needs of students according to their interests. As an open-admissions, two-year undergraduate institution, HCC has an “open door” admissions policy; individuals who have at least one of the following qualifications are welcome to enroll:

  • Accredited High School diploma; or
  • High School Equivalency certificate; or
  • College-level hours earned at other accredited colleges or universities; or
  • International students who meet college and state requirements; or
  • An eligible high school student.

All students, except international students, must apply online using the Apply Texas website at There is no charge to apply using the Apply Texas website. The process for international student applications is contained in the section titled International Services and Programs below. Admission to HCC does not guarantee admission to all programs. HCC utilizes the Texas Success Initiative Assessment to assess the level of students’ reading, writing, and math skills. Based upon their assessment results and specific program objectives, students may be required to take developmental and/or prerequisite courses. In addition, special admission requirements have been established for programs that require students to possess previously learned skills and knowledge. Applicants may obtain some additional admission criteria by visiting For further information regarding certain programs, see below.

Admissions Application Deadline
The admissions application deadline is one week before the class start date. Students should submit the application at least one week before the class start date. The application deadline calendar can be found on the HCCS website available at