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Music Business - Songwriting/Production Specialization - AAS

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The Music Business Specialization provides students with the knowledge and experience to gain employment in the exciting fields of the music entertainment industry. Students learn to be music businessmen and women, music arrangers, songwriters, producers and performers. In addition to music business and traditional academic music studies, these programs provide interdisciplinary training in computer based music production technologies, entertainment business strategies, and popular music performance. The commercial music field is where the greatest amount of music industry employment is to be found.


Prerequisite Courses

Year 1

Semester 1
EDUC 1300 Learning Framework 3
MUSI 1310 American Music 3
MUSI 1303 Fundamentals of Music 3
MUSC 1321 Songwriting I 3
MUSB 1305 Survey of the Music Business 3
Semester 2
MUAP 1185 Arranging & Composition 1
MUAP 1187 Arranging & Composition Studio 1
MUSB 2355 Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry 3
MUSC 1335 Commercial Music Software 3
MUSC 1270 Fundamentals of Music Production 2
MUSB 2305 Music Publishing 3
XXXX #3## Approved Math/Natural Science Elective 3
Semester 3

Year 2

Semester 1
MUAP 2185 Arranging & Composition 1
MUAP 2187 Arranging & Composition Studio 1
MUSB 1341 Concert Promotion and Venue Management 3
MUSB 2309 The Record Industry 3
XXXX #3## Approved Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective 3
XXXX #3## Approved Music Business/Commercial Music Elective 3
Semester 2
MUAP 2186 Arranging & Composition 1
MUAP 2188 Arranging & Composition Studio 1
XXXX #3## General Education Elective 3
MUSB 2345 Live Music and Talent Management 3
MUSB 1391 Special Topics in Music Business 3
MUSC 2141 Forum/Recital (Capstone) 1
XXXX #3## Approved Music Business/Commercial Music Elective 3
Semester 3
Total Credits 60

1. A list of electives appears in the Core Curriculum section of this catalog.

2. Consult with an advisor to select an appropriate elective.

Capstone Statement

A capstone course is a course designed to provide opportunities for students to integrate knowledge from their core and concentration courses, to gain insight into the meanings of professionalism and professional practice, and to reflect on the norms of a discipline or profession.

Marketable Skills

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