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Filmmaking - Editing - Specialization - Certificate Level 1

Students prepare for a career in film editing by acquiring hundreds of hours using linear, non-linear video and film editors. The certificate also includes courses in audio post production using computer programs such as Pro Tools. All courses in this certificate apply towards the AAS in Filmmaking.


Prerequisite Courses

Year 1

Semester 1
RTVB 1321 TV Field Production 3
FLMC 1311 Survey of the Motion Picture 3
RTVB 1309 Audio/Radio Production I 3
RTVB 2330 Film and Video Editing 3
Semester 2
FLMC 1331 Video Graphics and Visual Effects I 3
FLMC 2344 Advanced Film and Video Editing (Capstone) 3
FLMC 2330 Audio Post Production 3
FLMC 1292 Special Topics in Film-Video Making/Cinematography and Production 2
FLMC 1300 Production Management 3
Semester 3

Year 2

Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Total Credits 26

Capstone Statement

A capstone course is a course designed to provide opportunities for students to integrate knowledge from their core and concentration courses, to gain insight into the meanings of professionalism and professional practice, and to reflect on the norms of a discipline or profession.