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Computer Programming - SharePoint Administrator Certificate Level 2 / Hybrid Option

The SharePoint Administrator Certificate is designed to provide students the skills and knowledge required to assume the responsibilities of a SharePoint Administrator in an organization, including the ability to install, configure, and secure SharePoint enterprise server to support the organization's document management, file sharing, workflows, and collaborations needs.


Prerequisite Courses


Semester 1
EDUC 1300 Learning Framework 3
COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I 4
ITSC 1319 Internet/Web Page Development 3
MATH 1314 College Algebra 3
Semester 2
INEW 2475 SharePoint Administration I 4
ITSE 1346 Database Theory & Design OR
ITSE 1345 Introduction to Oracle SQL 3
ITSE 2402 Intermediate Web Programming 4
Semester 3


Semester 1
INEW 1340 ASP.NET Programming 3
INEW 2476 SharePoint Administration II (Capstone) 4
Semester 2
Semester 3
Total Credits 31

Capstone Statement

A capstone course is a course designed to provide opportunities for students to integrate knowledge from their core and concentration courses, to gain insight into the meanings of professionalism and professional practice, and to reflect on the norms of a discipline or profession.