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Advanced C# Programming | ITSE | 2453

Continuation of C# programming using advanced features of the .NET Framework Class Library.

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Advanced Computer Programming | ITSE | 2359

Advanced programming techniques including file access methods, data structures, modular programming, program testing and documentation. This course covers theory and application of the methodology of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, emphasizing static and dynamic system decomposition into objects and classes. Students may use either C++, C# or Java for the project?s programming language.

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Advanced Mobile Programming | ITSE | 2343

Programming for mobile devices including file access methods, data structures, modular programming, program testing and documentation. Design, write, and document mobile programs.

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Advanced Object - Oriented Programming | ITSE | 2357

Application of advanced object-oriented programming techniques such as abstract data structures, class inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling.

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Advanced Oracle PL/SQL | ITSE | 2354

A continuation of Oracle SQL. Topics include hierarchical queries, set based queries, correlated subqueries, scripting, and scripting generation.

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Advanced Visual Basic.NET Programming | ITSE | 2434

Continuation of Visual Basic.NET programming using advanced features.

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Assembly Language Programming | ITSE | 2337

Comprehensive coverage of low-level computer operations and architecture. Includes design, development, testing, implementation, and documentation of programs; language syntax; data manipulation; input/output devices and operations; and file access.

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Beginning Web Programming | ITSE | 1411

Skills development in web programming including mark-up and scripting languages.

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C++ Programming , Introduction | ITSE | 1003

This training helps beginning students to understand the important details necessary to become skilled programmers at an introductory level. Students will be introduced to C++ and learn about procedural and object-oriented programming. The class provides basic programming concepts and techniques like functions and loops,

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Cloud Computing I - Developer | ITSE | 2474

Proper and safe use of electrical power equipment test devices and the interpretation of test results. Includes protective relay testing and calibration, direct current (DC) testing, insulation power factor testing, and medium voltage switchgear.

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