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Agricultural Construction | AGRI | 2303

Selection, use, and maintenance of hand and power tools, arc and oxyacetylene welding, construction materials and principles.

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Agricultural Power Units | AGRI | 2301

Fundamentals of internal combustion engines: gasoline, diesel, and liquefied petroleum. Maintenance and adjustments of the electrical, ignition, fuel, lubricating, and cooling systems.

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Agronomy | AGRI | 1307

Principles and practices in development, production, and management of field crops, plant breeding, plant diseases, soils, insect control, and weed control.

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Computers in Agriculture | AGRI | 1309

Use of computers in agricultural applications. Introduction to programming languages, word processing, electronic spreadsheets and agricultural software.

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Dairy Science | AGRI | 1311

Survey of dairy industries: dairy breeds, standards for selecting and culling, herd replacements, feeding, management, physiology, and health maintenance. Food value of milk, tests for composition and quality, use and processing of market milk and dairy products.

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Entomology | AGRI | 2313

Principal orders of insects, relation of anatomy and physiology of insects to control methods: development habits and economic importance of more common insects with control methods for injurious species.

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Introduction to Agricultural Economics | AGRI | 2317

Characteristics of our economic system and basic economic concepts. Survey of the farm and ranch, its organizational and management structure, and operation within the marketing system. Functional and institutional aspects of agricultural finance and government farm programs.

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Introductory Animal Science | AGRI | 1319

Scientific methods of animal selection, reproduction, nutrition, management, and marketing of beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and horses. Evaluation and processing of meat, wool, and mohair. Importance of livestock and meat industries.

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Livestock Evaluation | AGRI | 2321

Instruction in selecting, evaluating, and judging of beef cattle, sheep, swine and horses. the course will include the judging of both breeding and marketing animals with decisions being supported by oral reasons.

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Marketing of Agricultural Products | AGRI | 1325

Introductory course covering the operations involved in the movement of agricultural commodities from producer to consumer. Essential marketing functions of buying, selling, transporting, storing, financing, standardizing, pricing and risk bearing.

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