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(Clinical) Microbiology | MLAB | 2434

Instruction in the theory, practical application, and pathogenesis of clinical microbiology, including collection, setup, identification, susceptibility testing, and reporting procedures.

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2-D Animation I | ARTV | 2301

Skill development in the use of software to develop storyboards and two-dimensional animation including creating, importing, and sequencing media elements to create multimedia presentation. Emphasis on conceptualization, creativity, and visual aesthetics.

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2-D Animation II | ARTV | 2330

Advanced study of technical aspects of animation. Emphasizes aesthetic design and completion of an animation project.

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2D Game Programming | GAME | 2373

Design and development of 2D games and simulations. Includes the design of the user interface, animation, and software development techniques using industry standard development tool.

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3-D Animation I | ARTV | 1341

Intermediate level 3-D course introducing animation tools and techniques used to create movement. Emphasis on using the principles of animation.

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3-D Modeling and Rendering I | ARTV | 1345

Techniques of three-dimensional (3-D) modeling utilizing industry standard software. Includes the creation and modification of 3-D geometric shapes, use of a variety of rendering techniques, camera, light sources, texture, and surface mapping.

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3-D Modeling and Rendering II | ARTV | 2345

A studio course focused on advanced 3-D modeling and rendering techniques using industry standard software, modeling techniques, camera settings, lighting, and surfacing to develop detailed environments.

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3D Animation II-Character Setup | GAME | 2325

Skinning and weighting, forward kinematics, inverse kinetics, constraints, expressions, scripting and driven keys, mesh deformers, morph targets/blend shapes, and animation user interfaces.

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3D Rigging for Games and Simulation | GAME | 2374

An introduction to bone rigs and morph targets to properly set up a charater for animation. In addition, rig bipedal charaters, quadrupedal charaters and props.

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A La Carte Cooking | CHEF | 1314

A course in a la carte or cooking to order concepts. Topics include menu and recipe interpretation and conversion, organization of work station, employment of appropriate cooking methods, plating, and saucing principles.

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