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Fire Officer II | FIRT | 1343

Meets the curriculum requirements of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) for Fire Officer II certification. **THIS COURSE MAY BE OFFERED ONLY BY INSTITUTIONS CERTIFIED AS A TRAINING FACILITY BY THE TEXAS COMMISSION ON FIRE PROTECTION**

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Fire Prevention Codes and Inspections | FIRT | 1307

Local building and fire prevention codes. Fire prevention inspections, practices, and procedures.

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Fire Protection Systems | FIRT | 1338

Design and operation of fire detection and alarm systems, heat and smoke control systems, special protection and sprinkler systems, water supply for fire protection, and portable fire extinguishers.

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Fire Service Hydraulics | FIRT | 1311

The use of water in fire protection. Application of hydraulic principles to analyze and solve water supply problems.

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Fire and Arson Investigation I | FIRT | 1303

Basic fire and arson investigation practices. Emphasis on fire behavior principles related to fire cause and origin determination.

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Firefighter Agility and Fitness Preparation | FIRS | 1203

Physical ability testing methods. Rigorous training in skills and techniques needed in typical fire department physical ability tests.

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Firefighter Health and Safety | FIRT | 1319

Firefighter occupational safety and health in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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First Aid | KINE | 1306

Instruction and practice for emergency care. Designed to enable students to recognize and avoid hazards within their environment, to render intelligent assistance in case of accident or sudden illness, and to develop skills necessary for the immediate and temporary care of the victim. Successful completion of the course may enable the student to receive a certificate from a nationally recognized agency

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Fitness Event Planning and Promotion | FITT | 1303

Practical aspects of developing and scheduling group exercise fitness classes. Includes recreational activities, competitive events, and promotion of exercise and non-exercise activities. Emphasis on the design of safe, enjoyable activities. (Fall semester only) Off campus visits required.

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Fitness Industry Operations and Technology | FITT | 2333

A survey of practical aspects of the physical fitness industry. Emphasis on equipment, cost analysis, program marketing, legal issues, policy formation, budgetary planning, computer software applications, and current industry trends. (Spring semester only) Off campus visits required.

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