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E-Commerce Marketing | MRKG | 2312

This course is an introduction to various e-commerce tools for marketing, communications, market analysis and customer feedback techniques.

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ECG Rhythm Strip Analysis for the Healthcare | ECRD | 1091

This course focuses on the fundamentals of the structure and analysis of ECG rhythm strips, interpretation of basic dysrhythmias, and appropriate treatment interventions. Content includes the cardiac cycle, lead placement, sinus, atria, functional and ventricular rhythms and AV blocks. Practice includes interactive rhythm analysis, interpretation and recognition of cardiac emergencies. Cardiac interventions and medications also covered.

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EKG Lab 1 12 - Lead | ECRD | 1091

Theory and application of patient assessment and History, Civilization, , vital signs, documentation, and performing a basic 12-lead and 3-lead electrocardiograph with an emphasis on patient preparation, and correct lead placement.

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EKG Lab 2 , Stress Testing | ECRD | 1091

Principles and procedures of stress testing and Holter monitoring. Emphasis is on patient preparation and instruction, correct lead placement, blood pressure monitoring, and appropriate intervention by the cardiac technician. Clinical significance of abnormalities is discussed.

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EMS Operations | EMSP | 2205

Knowledge and skills to safely manage multi-casualty incidents and rescue situations; utilize air medical resources; identify hazardous materials and other specialized incidents.

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EPA Recovery Certification Preparation | HART | 1356

Certification training for HVAC refrigerant recovery and recycling. Instruction will provide a review of EPA guidelines for refrigerant recovery and recycling during the installation, service, and repair of all HVAC and refrigeration systems.

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Early Childhood Development 0 -3 Years | CDEC | 1339

Principles of normal growth and development from conception through three years of age. Emphasizes physical, intellectual, and social/emotional development.

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Earth Science I for Non-Science Majors | GEOL | 1301

Survey of geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy.

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Easy English | CEC | 923

Don't worry if you don't know a lot of English. In these lessons, you will start with the basics and build your skills step-by-step. Fun activities and games will help you learn the English you need for real-life situations including shopping for clothes and food, job-hunting, and finding a place to live.

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Eating Well for a Healthy Mouth | CEC | 1154

Learn how your diet can affect your oral health.

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