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Developmental Math | MATH | 101

An individualized curriculum intended for students who have completed the college developmental math sequence through MATH 0312, but have yet to demonstrate achievement of the appropriate standard or department chair. Counselor?s approval required.

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Developmental Reading I | GUST | 341

Developmental Reading I is designed to address the developmental reader?s need for direct instruction in basic reading behaviors that are essential to the acquisition of knowledge in the content areas. Instruction is based on an interactive reading method with emphasis on learning to learn. These key skills include previewing chapters, selecting and organizing the information read and critical reading, making informed decisions about that information.

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Developmental Reading II | GUST | 342

Developmental Reading II is a continuation of reading skills introduced in GUST 0341. Stronger emphasis is on critical reading and thinking skills. The goal of GUST 0342 is to teach students to analyze materials thoughtfully, synthesize materials from various sources, and apply this information to their reading.

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Developmental Reading for Non - Native Speakers of English | GUST | 340

A basic reading course for non-native English speakers designed to improve students? overall reading skills. Emphasis on reading comprehension, vocabulary development, study techniques, and critical reading. Classroom instruction is enhanced by a variety of self-paced activities. Recommended on the basis of CELSA test scores.

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Developmental Reading | GUST | 100

An individualized curriculum for students whose test scores demonstrate high proficiency but do not meet state requirements for placement into core course work. This course will present a concentrated review of basic Reading and Vocabulary Skills. Department Chair approval is required.

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Diesel Engine I | DEMR | 1306

An introduction to the basic principles of diesel engines and systems.

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Diesel Engine Testing and Repair I | DEMR | 1310

An introduction to testing and repairing diesel engines including related systems specialized tools.

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Diesel Engine Testing and Repair II | DEMR | 2312

Coverage of testing and repairing diesel engines including related systems specialized tools.

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Differential Equations | MATH | 2320

Topics include initial value problems for first order and linear second order equations, Picard iteration, series solutions, boundary value problems, Laplace transforms and numerical methods. Core Curriculum Course.

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Differentiated Instruction & Response to Intervention | CEC | 1041

Learn how to combine two powerful educational approaches--Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention--so you can enable very student in your classroom to succeed

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