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Construction Technology I | CNBT | 1316

Introduction to site preparation, foundations, form work, safety, tools, and equipment.

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Construction Tools and Techniques | CNBT | 1318

Comprehensive study of the selection and use of hand tools, portable and stationary power tools and related construction equipment. Emphasis on safety in the use of tools and equipment.

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Consumer Behavior | MRKG | 2372

A study of buyer motives, reference groups, social class, culture, and family and social interrelationships are examined.

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Consumer Lending | BNKG | 1345

A study of the different types of consumer loans. Identify the federal regulations and state laws pertaining to collection and serving of a consumer loan and relate consumer credit to the lending process.

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Contemporary Mathematics | MATH | 1332

Mathematics for Liberal Arts is a course designed for liberal and fine arts, non-mathematics, non-science, and non-business majors. The course provides students with an appreciation of the History, Civilization, , art, and beauty of mathematics in the world around us. Topics include an examination of sets with applications, probability, and statistics, financial management, mathematical modeling, and fundamentals of geometry and its application. Core Curriculum Course.

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Contract Forms and Addenda | RELE | 1200

Promulgated Contract Forms, which shall include but is not limited to unauthorized practice of law, broker-lawyer committee, current promulgated forms, commission rules governing use forms and case studies involving use of forms.

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Contracts | LGLA | 1351

This course presents fundamental concepts of contract law with emphasis on the paralegal?s role. Topics include formation, performance, and enforcement of contracts under the common law and the Uniform Commercial Code.

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Convergence of Electronic Media | RTVB | 1317

History, Civilization, and future of electronic media. Includes radio, television, Internet, and convergent technologies. Recognizes regulatory and economic issues. Explores career opportunities in electronic media.

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Conversational French I | FREN | 1300

An introductory French course that emphasizes listening comprehension and speaking skills. Reading and writing may be done as reinforcement to oral communication skills. The course is slower-paced and less comprehensive than French 1411. It is highly recommended for students without previous experience in the French language. This course is not open to students whose first language is French. Generally, does not transfer as foreign language credit, but may transfer as elective credit.

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Conversational Mandarin Chinese | CEC | 1126

This online Mandarin Chinese course will prepare you for business and/or leisure travel if traveling to China or wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese.

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