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Computer Aided Apparel Design | FSHD | 2305

Fundamentals of computerized pattern design and marker making, as they pertain to the industrial production of apparel products.

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Computer Aided Construction Scheduling | CNBT | 2335

Advanced construction scheduling utilizing computer scheduling software to perform various scheduling procedures.

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Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) | INMT | 1343

Computer-assisted applications in integrating engineering graphics and manufacturing. Emphasis on the conversion of a working drawing using computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software and related input and output devices to translate into machine code.

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Computer Applications I | POFI | 1301

Overview of computer office applications including current terminology and technology. Introduction to computer hardware, software applications, and procedures.

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Computer Applications II | POFI | 1341

Continued study of current computer terminology and technology. Advanced skill development in computer hardware, software applications, and procedures. The student will demonstrate proficiency in commonly used software applications and identify and explain the concepts involved in producing documents using advanced features of software applications. Emphasis is on developing end-user proficiency skills for office environments.

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Computer Control Language | ITSC | 1302

Skill development in the use of system control language on mid-range/mainframe computers. Topics include command formats, file management, job scheduling, resource management, and utilities.

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Computer Fundamentals | POFI | 1104

Computer applications specific to business-related software. Emphasizes the concurrent development of office skills and computer knowledge.

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Computer Illustration | ARTC | 1353

Use of the tools and transformation options of an industry-standard vector drawing program to create complex illustrations or drawings.

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Computer Integrated Manufacturing | INMT | 1311

A study of the principles and application of computer integrated manufacturing. Employs all aspects of a system including but not limited to integration of material handling, manufacturing, and computer hardware and programming.

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Computer Music Notation I | MUSC | 1330

Survey of music notation software and applications with skill development in computer music notation.

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