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CompTIA Security + Certification Training | CEC | 9707

This course covers the key terminology and concepts needed to ace the exam, all in a condensed format for rapid reading. The course provides helpful study tools including crossword puzzles, games, and practice questions to aid with learning. All of the content is geared toward helping you pass the SY0-301 exam so you can leave the test center with your Security+ certificate in hand.

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Company Fire Officer | FIRT | 2351

A capstone course covering fire ground operations and supervisory practices. Includes performance evaluation of incident commander, safety officer, public information officer, and shift supervisor duties.

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Compensation and Benefits | HRPO | 1091

Students will learn about implementing, administering and tracking employee compensation and benefits. Topics covered include payroll, entitlement tracking and attendance.

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Complex Concepts of Adult Health | RNSG | 1343

Integration of previous knowledge and skills related to common adult health needs into the continued development of the professional nurse as a provider of care, coordinator of care, and member of a profession in the care of adult clients/families in structured health care settings with complex medical-surgical health care needs associated with each body system. Emphasis on knowledge, judgments, skills, and professional values within a legal/ethical framework. This course lends itself to a blocked approach.

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Composition I | ENGL | 1301

Intensive study of and practice in writing processes, from invention and researching to drafting, revising, and editing, both individually and collaboratively. Emphasis on effective rhetorical choices, including audience, purpose, arrangement, and style. Focus on writing the academic essay as a vehicle for learning, communicating, and critical analysis. Note: ENGL 1301 is a pre-requisite for all 2000-level literature courses. Core Curriculum Course.

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Composition II | ENGL | 1302

Intensive study of and practice in the strategies and techniques for developing research-based expository and persuasive texts. Emphasis on effective and ethical rhetorical inquiry, including primary and secondary research methods; critical reading of verbal, visual, and multimedia texts; systematic evaluation, synthesis, and documentation of information sources; and critical thinking about evidence and conclusions. Core Curriculum Course.

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Compounding Sterile Preparations | PHRA | 1445

The process of compounding sterile preparations and aseptic technique within legal and regulatory guidelines specified by USP <797> standards.

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Comprehensive Anatomy and Physiology for the Surgical Technologist | SRGT | 1372

Comprehensive study of the structure and function of human cells, tissues, and organ systems including integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous system, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic/immune, renal/excretory, and reproductive. Fast-paced online course designed for the surgical technologist.

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Comprehensive Software Project : Coding , Testing , and Implementation | INEW | 2332

A comprehensive application of skills learned in previous semesters in a simulated workplace. Includes coding, testing, maintenance, and documentation of a complete software and/or hardware solution. This course may be used as a capstone course for a certificate or degree.

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Comprehensive Studies in Chemical Technology | CTEC | 2333

Course requiring a special laboratory research project.

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