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Chairside Assisting | DNTA | 1415

A study of pre-clinical chairside assisting procedures, instrumentation, OSHA and other regulatory agencies? standards.

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Chamber Ensemble II | MUSI | 2239

A continuation of MUSI 1239. Open to all qualified students. Audition required.

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Chamber Music I | MUSI | 1139

Small ensemble concentrating on vocal and/or instrumental chamber music.

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Chamber Music II | MUSI | 2139

Small ensemble concentrating on chamber music. May be repeated for credit.

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Chamber Vocal Ensemble | MUSI | 1254

Madrigal or other small vocal ensemble. Open to non-majors. Performances required.

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Character Sculpting | GAME | 1314

Creation of original characters from the drawing stage to sculpting clay status. Explores a variety of poses using clay and aluminum armatures.

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Chemical Laboratory Safety | CTEC | 1345

Study of the safety problems encountered in the operation of a chemical laboratory. Topics include chemical and safety regulations, chemical hygiene plans, the Lab Standard, and safe laboratory procedures.

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Chemical Plant Operations | CEC | 1028

Prepare for an entry-level position in a chemical plant with the Chemical Plant Operations Online Training Program. In the United States, there are thousands of chemical manufacturing facilities, run by chemical plant operators. These operators are highly paid and enjoy a stable work environment. There is an ongoing need for entry-level personnel. This program can help you get your start in this field!

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Chemical Reformation and Related Theory | CSME | 1453

Presentation of the theory and practice of chemical reformation, including terminology, application, and workplace competencies.

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Child Development Associate Training I | CDEC | 1017

Based on the requirements for the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credential. Topics on CDA overview, general observation skills, child growth, and development overview.

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