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Cake Decorating II | PSTR | 2307

A course in decoration of specialized and seasonal products.

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Calculus I | MATH | 2413

An integrated study of differential calculus with analytic geometry including the study of functions, limits, continuity, differentiation, and an introduction to integration. Core Curriculum Course.

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Calculus II | MATH | 2414

Integral calculus including discussions of transcendental functions, applications of integration, techniques and improper integrals, infinite series, Taylor series, plane curves, and polar coordinates. Core Curriculum Course.

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Calculus III | MATH | 2415

A survey of advanced topics in calculus including vectors and vector-valued functions, partial differentiation, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integrals, Jacobians, divergence and Stoke?s theorems. Core Curriculum Course.

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Calculus for Business & Social Sciences | MATH | 1325

A survey of differential and integral calculus including the study of functions and graphs from a calculus viewpoint as applied to problems in business and the natural and social sciences. Core Curriculum Course.

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Cancer Data Management I | HITT | 1307

Introduction to Cancer Data Management. Includes cancer program requirements, the American College of Surgeons Cancer Program survey process, and data collection/retrieval-abstracting, coding, staging, and reporting.

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Cancer Data Management II | HITT | 2307

A continuation of Cancer Data Management I. Application of cancer registry data.

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Canine and Feline Clinical Management | VTHT | 2201

Survey of feeding, common management practices, and care of canines and felines in a clinical setting. Review of common diseases of canines and felines encountered in the practice of veterinary medicine.

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Cardiology | EMSP | 2444

Assessment and management of patients with cardiac emergencies. Includes single and multi-lead ECG interpretation.

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Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics | RSPT | 2325

A study of physical, radiological, hemodynamic, laboratory, nutritional, and cardiopulmonary diagnostic assessment of the pulmonary patient.

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