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C# Programming for the Absolute Beginner | CEC | 7287

Learn the fundamentals of computer programming with the hot new C# programming language. You will begin with an exploration of input/output operations decision making, looping, and object oriented programming principles. Then, you will gain hands-on experience using sequential data files, and you will build your very own Graphical User Interface (GUI) application.

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C#.NET 2008, Advanced | ITSC | 1091

Learn how to create user components, how to create, handle and manage events and program flow as well as generics and enumerated collections. Also learn In-memory queries and Windows Presentation Foundation and how to how to deploy windows applications.

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C++ Programming , Introduction | ITSE | 1003

This training helps beginning students to understand the important details necessary to become skilled programmers at an introductory level. Students will be introduced to C++ and learn about procedural and object-oriented programming. The class provides basic programming concepts and techniques like functions and loops,

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CCNA 1: Cisco Exploration 1 - Network Fundamentals | ITCC | 1001

This overview introduces managers and HR professionals to the theories and concepts of OD, helps them develop an OD vocabulary, and builds the skills and tools necessary to apply OD solutions.

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CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks | ITCC | 1414

This course covers networking architecture, structure, and functions; introduces the principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations to provide a foundation for the curriculum.

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CCNA 2 : Cisco Exploration 2 - Routing Protocols & Concepts | ITCC | 1004

Introduction to architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the internet use of OSI and TCP layered models and services at the applications, network, data link, and physical layers. Principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations.

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CCNA 2: Routing and Switching Essentials | ITCC | 1440

Describes the architecture, components, and basic operation of routers and explains the basic principles of routing and routing protocols. It also provides an in-depth understanding of how switches operate and are implemented in the LAN environment for small and large networks.

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CCNA 3 : Cisco Exploration 3 - LAN Switching and Wireless | ITCC | 2008

Network Fundamentals Architecture, components, operation of routers, and principles of routing and routing protocols. Analyze, configure, verify, and troubleshoot the primary routing protocols RIPv1, RIPv2, EIGRP, and OSPF.

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CCNA 3: Scaling Networks | ITCC | 2412

CCNA R&S: Scaling Networks (ScaN) covers the architecture, components, and operations of routers and switches in larger and more complex networks. Students learn how to configure routers and switches using advanced protocols.

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CCNA 4 : Cisco Exploration 4 - Accessing the WAN | ITCC | 2010

Accessing the WAN operations and implementation in the LAN environment. Analyze, configure, verify, and troubleshoot VLANs, RSTP, VTP, and wireless networks.

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