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Ballroom and Social Dance | DANC | 1128

Introductory instruction in the fundamental techniques and concepts associated with Ballroom and Social Dance. May be repeated for credit once.

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Barber Law and Shop Management I | BARB | 2432

Introduction to Texas barber law and business management.

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Barber Law and Shop Management II | BARB | 2444

Continuation of Barber Law and Shop Management I. Includes advanced business management and preparation for the State Board Examination for a barber license.

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Barber Styling I | BARB | 1402

Continued development in haircutting techniques and implementation of basic styling. Introduction to chemical reformation. Perform haircutting techniques including shear, razor, and clipper. Demonstrate a variety of styling techniques; demonstrate techniques used in chemical reformation. Practice safety and sanitation.

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Barber Styling II | BARB | 1442

Continuation of Barber Styling I with emphasis on intermediate hands-on application of skills.

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Barber Styling III | BARB | 2402

Continued skill development in haircutting and styling. Emphasizes on advanced techniques in chemical procedures. Introduction to hairpieces and facials.

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Basic Animation | ARTV | 1303

Examination of animation concepts, principles, and storyboard for basic production. Emphasizes creating movement and expression utilizing traditionally or digitally generated image sequences.

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Basic Blueprint Reading for Plumbers | PFPB | 1306

Introduction to reading and interpreting working drawings. Includes symbols and abbreviations and the use of sketching techniques to create isometric and orthographic drawings of drain, waste, vent, hot and cold water, and gas piping components.

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Basic Brake Systems | DEMR | 1317

Basic principles of brake systems of diesel powered equipment. Emphasis on maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting.

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Basic CAD-Microstation | DFTG | 1370

A study of process plant design and layout while developing the basic knowledge of pipe fittings, symbols, specifications, and their applications in the piping process systems. The learner will demonstrate the use of piping symbols and the processes used to develop flow diagrams, piping plans, elevations, and isometrics.

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