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Programming with Visual Basic.Net | ITSE | 1447

Designing and developing enterprise applications using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net in the Microsoft.Net Framework. Includes reference types, class relationships, polymorphism, operators overloading, and creating and handling exceptions.

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Project Analysis and Design | IMED | 2313

Application of the planning and production processes for digital media projects. Emphasis on copyright and other legal issues, content design and production management.

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Project Development I | GAME | 2332

Skill development in an original modification based on a current game engine. Includes management of version control; development of project timeliness; integration of sound, models, and animation; production of demos; and creation of original levels, characters, and content for a real-time multiplayer game. Applies skills learned in previous classes in a simulated real-world design team experience.

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Project Development II | GAME | 2334

Continuation of an original modification based on a current game engine with an emphasis on new content and significant changes in game play over the base game experience. Includes creation of original levels, characters, and content for a real-time multiplayer game applying skills learned in previous classes. (formerly GAME 2375)

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Project Management Applications | CEC | 7538

You'll become proficient at recruiting project team members and empowering them to succeed. You'll understand the stages of team development, and you'll gain skills in developing and motivating team leaders. You'll learn how to understand and relate to an organizational culture and the differing characteristics of its work groups.

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Project Management Fundamentals | BMGT | 1021

This course is an introduction to methods for planning and controlling projects. The course includes project management concepts and models, critical path, time and cost benefit analysis, and resource utilization.

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Project Management Fundamentals | CEC | 7336

There are more projects occurring today than at any time in History, Civilization, . Organizations initiate projects to create new computer applications, erect bridges and buildings, improve processes, develop new products, and reorganize company operations. Unfortunately, most organizations do not manage projects well, creating an unprecedented demand for project management practitioners.

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Project Management and Best Practices | BMGT | 1091

This course is intended as a pre-requisite to the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). It provides the mandatory classroom hours as well as the framework for organizational behaviors essential to mastering the advanced concepts of project management.

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Project Management | CEC | 7640

In this course you can learn the key elements of good planning such as estimating, establishing project boundaries (scope) and scheduling. You will also learn how to anticipate potential problems (risks) and ways to mitigate them. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to put that new knowledge to use immediately.

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Project Management | INMT | 2370

Provide principles of project management directed toward supervisory and project management duties and responsibilities in technology based organizations and the methods required to fulfill these functions.

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