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Pro Doc for Paralegals | LGLA | 1370

The Pro Doc class in Paralegal Technology will include instruction using the automated legal document assembly computer software. The software generates a finished work product for Texas Legal Practitioners. Pro Doc certification is also available for students after passing an exam offered by Pro Doc.

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Problem Solving and Decision Making | BMGT | 2303

Discussion of ethical issues, the development of a moral frame of reference, and the need for an awareness of social responsibility in management practices and business activities. Includes ethical corporate responsibility.

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Problems in Dance | DANC | 2301

A course designed to meet the individual needs of students who otherwise have exhibited a particular talent or skill in dance which is not addressed in any existing dance course. Must have coordinator?s approval after recommendation by the instructor. May be repeated.

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Procedures in a Clinical Setting | MDCA | 1417

Emphasis on patient-centered assessment, examination, and treatment as directed by physician. Includes vital signs, collection and documentation of patient information, asepsis, office clinical procedures, and other treatments as appropriate for the ambulatory care settings.

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Process Control and Design | CTEC | 2470

Develop knowledge and skills on practical chemical/industrial process control. Understand control room functions and operation. Identify process dynamics using real-time plant data. Understand industrial controllers_PID/feed-forward/model-based controller, dead-time compensators and non-linear controllers. Design, build and tune controllers. Optimize tuning parameters. Simulate controllers and optimize them in a simulated plant environment. Students will use software for dynamics identification and controller tuning optimizations and conduct numerous hands-on exercises to prepare them for the industrial environment.

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Process Instrumentation I | PTAC | 1332

Study of the instruments and instrument systems used in the process industry including terminology, primary variables, symbology, control loops, and basic troubleshooting.

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Process Technology I - Equipment | PTAC | 1410

Instruction in the use of common process equipment.

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Process Technology II - Systems | PTAC | 2420

Study of the interrelation of process equipment and process systems including related scientific principles.

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Process Technology III - Operations | PTAC | 2438

This course combines systems into operational processes with emphasis on operations under various conditions.

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Process Troubleshooting | PTAC | 2446

Instruction in the different types of troubleshooting techniques, procedures, and methods used to solve process problems. Topics include application of data collection and analysis, cause effect relationships, and reasoning.

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