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Principles of Selling | MRKG | 2333

Overview of the selling process. Identification of the elements of the communication process between buyers and sellers. Examination of the legal and ethical issues of organizations which affect salespeople.

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Principles of Skin Care / Facials and Related Theory | CSME | 1447

An in-depth coverage of the theory and practice of skin care, facials, and cosmetics.

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Principles of Solar Photovoltaic | SOLR | 1370

Study of basic solar cells, parameters, efficiency limits, spectrum and radiation, and manufacturing concepts; photovoltaic plates and energy conversion; thermal dynamics; basic safety and efficiency performance; basic systems components and applications; careers as PV installers.

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Principles of Solar Thermal Technology; | SOLR | 1374

Study of basic solar heat producing units, parameters, efficiency limits, heat transfer, and manufacturing concepts; thermodynamic variables associated with solar thermal operations; basic safety and efficiency performance; basic systems components and applications; careers as Solar Thermal installers; mechanical devices used in solar thermal installations.

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Principles of Traffic Management | LMGT | 2334

A study of the role and functions of a transportation traffic manager within a commercial or public enterprise. Includes training in rate negotiation, carrier and mode selection, carrier service evaluation, quality control, traffic pattern analysis, documentation for domestic and international shipments, claims, hazardous materials movement, and the state, federal, and international environments of transportation.

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Principlies of Food Preparation for Hospitality | RSTO | 1371

A study in the fundamentals of food preparation to introduce hospitality administration students to basic culinary skills. Topics include kitchen professionalism, proper station set up, basic knife skills, basic cooking technique, proper handling and storage of food items and appropriate portion and plating techniques.

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Print Reading for Machining Trades | MCHN | 1302

A study of blueprints for machining trades with emphasis on machine drawings. Use of sketching techniques to create pictorial and multiple-view drawings. Offered as an 8 week hybrid course. Co-requisite Classes introduced include TECM 1301 Industrial Mathematics, MCHN 1338 Basic Machine Shop. This class should be taken before MCHN 1320 Precision Tools & Measurments.

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Printed Circuit Board Design | DFTG | 2305

Course includes single-sided and double-sided printed circuit board design, emphasizing the drawings, standards, and processes required to layout printed circuit board and manufacturing documentation.

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Printmaking I | ARTS | 2333

Exploration of ideas using various printmaking processes. An introduction to and exploration of various relief printing, monoprinting, and intaglio processes. Printmaking I is a prerequisite for Printmaking II.

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Printmaking II | ARTS | 2334

This course builds upon Printmaking I fundamentals and introduces additional print processes and combinations of those processes to allow individual expression. Printmaking I is a prerequisite for Printmaking II.

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