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Photoshop , Intermediate | CEC | 9725

Learn advanced techniques for using Adobe Photoshop to edit your images and photos. Imagine being able to undo or revise changes you've already made without losing image quality or needing to start over! If you've already mastered Photoshop's basic tools and commands, you'll find it easy to master the nondestructive editing techniques we'll cover.

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Photoshop CS , Introduction | CEC | 9702

This hands on, project-oriented course is filled with detailed step-by-step instructions you will have no trouble following as you learn how to edit photos, create basic paintings, and prepare your images for printing.

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Photoshop Elements Photography | CEC | 44

Bring out the best in your photos! In this course, you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to do everything from quick fixes to detailed enhancements that will greatly improve the look of your images.

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Photoshop for Interior Design | INDS | 2270

An exploration of Adobe Photoshop and its application to the practice of interior design to create visual design communication materials, renderings, and presentations.

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Photovoltaic Electrical Systems | SOLR | 1471

Overview of terminology associated with PV power electric principles, PV system applications and electrical circuits, series and parallel connections to power supplies, wiring best practices, and electric loads.

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Physical Agents | PTHA | 1431

Biophysical principles, physiological effects, efficacy, and application of physical agents.

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Physical Anthropology Lab | ANTH | 2101

ANTH 2101 is a 1-unit laboratory course. Students use physical anthropological methods and tools to solve problems in the areas of genetics, human variation, human osteology, primate biology and behavior, and human evolution. A problem solving approach is stressed in applying scientific fundamentals including the techniques of observation, measurement, and critical thinking. Core Curriculum Course.

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Physical Anthropology | ANTH | 2301

Introduction to Physical Anthropology explores the relationship between culture and biology through the methods, theory and research of biological anthropology. Students learn about basic mechanisms of genetic change in populations and the relationships between humans and the other primates. The appearance of humans and their bipedal ancestors approximately four million years ago and their culture History, Civilization, through the Paleolithic age are examined in detail. Students learn about biological variation and adaptation in human populations, responses to the environment, race, and other issues and their applications. Core Curriculum Course.

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Physical Fitness Training | PHED | 1113

Varied class activities designed to increase strength, endurance and flexibility.

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Physical Function in Occupational Therapy | OTHA | 2331

Physical function to promote occupational performance. Includes frames of reference, assessment/evaluation tools and techniques, patient/client education, and intervention strategies.

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