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Organic Gardening | CEC | 1308

This is a workshop to show how to organically and safely grow your plants, Vegetables, turf, landscape and other areas free of synthetics

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Organizational Behavior | HRPO | 2307

The analysis and application of organizational theory, group dynamics, motivation theory, leadership concepts and the integration of interdisciplinary concepts from the behavioral sciences.

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Organizational Development | HRPO | 1091

Behavioral and legal approaches to the management of human resources in organizations.

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Organize or Agonize | CEC | 55

Out of balance? Unproductive? How much joy would you have if you got your act together and unleashed your potential? This online class includes mentoring and tricks to achieve breakthroughs.

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Orientation to Eyelash Extensions | CSME | 1507

An overview of the skills and knowledge necessary for the field of eyelash extensions. Topics include the basic knowledge of chemistry, eyelash growth cycles, proper selection and application, supplies and equipment of the industry, safety, sanitation, and laws and rules of the state licensing agency as they relate to eyelash extensions.

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Orientation to Facial Specialist | CSME | 1420

An overview of the skills and knowledge necessary for the field of facials and skin care.

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Orientation to Hair Weaving & Braiding | CSME | 1452

An overview of the skills and knowledge necessary for the field of hair weaving and braiding.

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Orientation to Social Services | SCWK | 1321

Introduction to the basic concepts, information, and practices within the field of social services. Topics include a survey of the historical development of social services; social, legal, and clinical definitions; and review of current information regarding indications for and methods of treatment and/or services.

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Orientation to the Instruction of Cosmetology | CSME | 1535

An overview of the skills and knowledge necessary for the instruction of cosmetology students.

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Orofacial Anatomy , Histology & Embryology | DHYG | 1301

The histology and embryology of oral tissues, gross anatomy of the head and neck, tooth morphology, and individual tooth identification.

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