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Oracle Database Administration I | ITSE | 2456

Fundamentals of the tasks and functions required of a database administrator using Oracle.

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Oracle Database Administration II | ITSE | 2458

A continuation of Oracle Database Administration I. Topics include recovery procedures, logical backups, standby database capabilities, and performance tuning of the Oracle Server. Common performance problems and the use of diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and optimize throughout will be discussed.

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Oracle Database Structure and Data Warehousing | ITSE | 2444

A practical application course for modeling and designing an Oracle data warehouse using case studies.

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Oracle: Applications I | ITSE | 2346

Forms in a Developer environment. Topics include the use of Object Navigator and Virtual Graphics System (VGS), Layout Editor and Menu options.

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Oracle: Applications II | ITSE | 2348

A continuation of Oracle Forms: Application I. Includes creating multiple form applications, managing multiple transactions across modules, and enhancing applications with custom menus, and charts.

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Oral Interpretation | SPCH | 2341

Cultivation of the art of oral presentation of literary forms, analysis of thought, development of imagination, communication of emotional values, and individual projects in interpretive reading. Open to all students. Required for speech majors.

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Orchestration | MUSC | 2319

Exploration of writing for voices and instruments to include ranges, transportation, and idiosyncrasies of each instrument with emphasis on commercial music chord voicings.

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Organ | MUAP | 1265

For courses numbered 11xx and 12xx, thes are Freshman level, one-half hour lesson and one-hour lessons per week, respectively. Half-hour lessons require six practice hours per week; hour lessons, ten practice hours per week. Hour lessons may be divided into two 30-minute lessons per week by mutual consent of the student and the instructor. Lessons may be repeated (maximum 7 times in any combination) with permission of the respective department heads and are required of appropriate majors(s). Juries are required. Students provide all instruments but piano and percussion equipment. A MUSI co-requisite is required. Private instruction is offered to music majors only. Half-hour lessons earn 1 credit (1 lecture). Hour lessons earn 2 credits (2 lecture).

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Organic Chemistry I | CHEM | 2423

Study of compounds of carbon. Topics include alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, alkyl halides, stereochemistry, nucleophilic substitution, reaction mechanisms and synthesis. Study of the properties and behavior of hydrocarbon compounds and their derivatives. Designed for students in science or pre-professional programs.

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Organic Chemistry II | CHEM | 2425

Continuation of CHEM 2423. Topics include aromaticity, benzene and EAS reactions, aldehydes, ketones, carboxyliacids and their derivatives, condensation reactions, amines, phenols, and infrared and NMR spectroscopy.

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