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Legal Issues for Enterprise | BUSG | 2370

Legal Aspects of Enterprise explores both the for- profit and not-for-profit legal requirements and provides applications activities to help the beginning business entrepreneur or social entrepreneur actually set up a new enterprise. Topics include: types of business structures, types of not-for-profit structures, legal forms and paperwork required to set up each type of structure, resources for assistance in setting up enterprises (such as legal clinics, lawyers who provide pro bono services for social enterprise); important considerations in retaining a lawyer, and legal pitfalls for the beginning entrepreneur to avoid.

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Legal Research I | LGLA | 1091

Learn how to use the law library, electronic resources and a range of other tools to analyze relevant primary and secondary law.

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Legal Research II | LGLA | 1091

Legal Research II is a continuation of Legal Research I and will assist the students to convey the concept of authority in legal writing; to begin in depth study of legal research and familiarization of the law library. Prerequisite: Introduction to Law and Legal Research I.

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Legal Research III | LGLA | 1091

Legal Research III is a continuation of the first two modules of Legal Research and will assist students to convey concepts basic to the common law system, such as the function of the appellate courts, state desists and dictum. This module will continue the utilization of the law library, electronic resources and range of other tools to analyze primary and secondary law. Prerequisite: Introduction to Law, Legal Research I and II.

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Legal Research | LGLA | 1303

This course provides a working knowledge of the fundamentals of effective legal research. Topics include law library techniques, computer assisted legal research, citation forms, briefs, and court opinion discussions.

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Legal Secretary | CEC | 9693

This course teaches you all the skills you need to work for a lawyer in a law office. You will master everything from legal office management and accounting to legal terminology and legal writing. Upon completion, you will possess the knowledge necessary to successfully pass the national Association of Legal Professionals (NALS) Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS) examination.

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Legal Terminology | POFL | 1305

An introduction to legal terminology including spelling, pronunciation, and definition of legal terms and an overview of the law and the professions.

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Legal Transcription | POFL | 1359

Skill development in comprehensive vocabulary, listening, organizing, and transcribing client-quality documents used in a legal office.

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Legal Writing | LGLA | 1305

This course provides a working knowledge of the fundamentals of effective legal writing. Topics include briefs, legal memoranda, case and fact analysis, citation forms, and legal writing styles.

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Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information | HITT | 1253

Apply local, state, and federal standards and regulations for the control and use of health information; demonstrate appropriate health information disclosure practices; and identify and discuss ethical issues in health care.

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