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Landscape Construction | HALT | 1319

Exploration of landscape construction materials and methods of installation. Topics on soil preparation, including wood, concrete, masonry construction and landscape lighting including pools, spas, and general construction details.

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Landscape Design | HALT | 1322

A study of the principles and elements of landscape design. Topics include client interview, site analysis, plan view, scale, plant selection, basic drawing and drafting skills, and plan preparation.

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Landscape Irrigation | HALT | 1333

In-depth coverage of irrigation systems including equipment, design, performance, and maintenance. Topics include residential and commercial applications, troubleshooting, repair, and technological advances in irrigation systems.

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Landscape Management | HALT | 2315

A study of the procedures and practices used in the horticulture industry for proper landscape maintenance. Topics include landscape installation, lawn maintenance, shrub and tree care, and management practices.

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Landscape Plant Material | HALT | 1325

Study of the identification, characteristics, cultural requirements, and landscape uses of native and adapted plants. Identify plants; select plants for various landscape situations; list characteristics of plants; and describe cultural requirements of plants.

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Large Commercial Music Ensemble : Band | MUSP | 1240

Participation in a large band concentrating on commercial music performance styles.

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Large Commercial Music Ensemble : Symphony Orchestra | MUSP | 1241

Participation in a large symphony orchestra concentrating on commercial music performance styles.

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Large Zoo and Wild Mammals | VTHT | 1229

Care and management of large zoo and wild mammals commonly encountered in zoological parks, wildlife ranches, and aquariums.

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Law Office Management | LGLA | 2307

This course presents the fundamentals of principles and structure of management, administration, and substantive systems in the law office including law practice technology as applied to paralegals.

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Law and Banking | BNKG | 1343

Sources of law and banking regulation. Emphasis on the laws relating to contracts, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, and consumer credit.

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