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Intermediate Accounting I | ACNT | 2303

Critical analysis of general accepted accounting principles, concepts, and theory underlying the preparation of financial statements. Emphasis on current theory and practice. Covers the theoretical and practical basis for financial statements, present value applications, and the theory and practice of accounting for cash, receivables, inventories, liabilities, long-term investments, depreciable and depletable property, and intangible assets.

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Intermediate Accounting II | ACNT | 2304

Continued in-depth analysis of generally accepted accounting principles underlying the preparation of financial statements including comparative analysis and statement of cash flows. Topics also included are bonds, leases, pension plans, corporate paid-in- capital, special purpose securities, retained earnings, tax allocation, inflation accounting, funds statement, and financial statement analysis.

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Intermediate Algebra Bridge | MATH | 112

Intensive help and preparatory course for those who have not successfully passed MATH 0312.

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Intermediate Algebra | MATH | 314

Topics include factoring techniques, radicals, algebraic fractions, absolute valuse, complex numbers, graphing linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, graphiing quadratic equations and an introduction to functions. Emphasis is placed on algebraic techniques needed in order to successfully complete MATH 1314: College Algebra. A deapartmental final examination must be passed with a score of 60% or more in order to pass this course.

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Intermediate American Language (ASL) Sign Language II | SGNL | 2302

An integration of expressive and receptive skills in American Sign Language (ASL) with emphasis on grammar, linguistics, literature, and discourse styles at an intermediate level. Provides students with information on linguistic and cultural variations.

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Intermediate American Sign Language I | SGNL | 2301

Integrates and refines expressive and receptive skills in American Sign Language (ASL), including recognition of sociolinguistic variation. A practice oriented approach to language acquisition. Student must complete the course with a B or better.

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Intermediate Arabic I | ARAB | 2311

Further development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and cultural awareness acquired in Beginning Arabic. Introduction of more complex language structures. Oral and written practice based on selected readings. Class conducted mainly in Arabic. Core Curriculum Course.

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Intermediate Architectural Drafting - Residential | DFTG | 2300

Continued application of principles and practices used in residential construction.

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Intermediate Ballet | DANC | 2241

Instruction in the intermediate techniques and concepts associated with ballet. May be repeated for credit once.

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Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting | DFTG | 2319

A continuation of practices and techniques used in basic computer-aided drafting emphasizing advanced dimensioning techniques, the development and use of prototype drawings, construction of pictorial drawings, construction of 3-dimensional drawings, interfacing 2-D and 3-D environments and extracting data.

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