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Advanced Medical Imaging | RADR | 2333

Specialized imaging modalities. Includes concepts and theories of equipment operations and their integration for medical diagnosis.

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Advanced Microprocessor | CETT | 2435

An advanced course utilizing the microprocessor in control systems and interfacing. Emphasis on microprocessor hardware and implementation of peripheral interfacing.

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Advanced Milling Operations | MCHN | 2337

An advanced study of milling machine operations. Identification and/or use of milling cutters and support tooling.

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Advanced Mobile Programming | ITSE | 2343

Programming for mobile devices including file access methods, data structures, modular programming, program testing and documentation. Design, write, and document mobile programs.

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Advanced Nursing Skills | VNSG | 2331

Mastery of advanced level nursing skills and competencies in a variety of health care settings utilizing the nursing process as a problem-solving tool.

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Advanced Object - Oriented Programming | ITSE | 2357

Application of advanced object-oriented programming techniques such as abstract data structures, class inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling.

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Advanced Oracle PL/SQL | ITSE | 2354

A continuation of Oracle SQL. Topics include hierarchical queries, set based queries, correlated subqueries, scripting, and scripting generation.

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Advanced Pastry Shop | PSTR | 2331

A study of classical desserts, French and international pastries, hot and cold desserts, ice creams and ices, chocolate work, and decorations. Emphasis on advanced techniques.

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Advanced Pattern Drafting | FSHN | 2432

Advanced techniques for drafting patterns.)

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Advanced Pipe Drafting | DFTG | 2345

A continuation of pipe drafting concepts building on the basic principles acquired in pipe drafting.

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