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Essentials of Medication Administration | VNSG | 1227

General principles of medication administration including determination of dosage, preparation, safe administration, and documentation of multiple forms of drugs. Instruction includes various systems of measurement.

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Ethics and Fraud | CEC | 1217

The insurance industry has decided that increasing public awareness of fraud is its main course of action. Consumers, legislators, regulators, and insurers must work together over the long term to create an environment that either prevents insurance fraud or detects it easily when it occurs.

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Euphonium/Baritone Horn III | MUAP | 2149

Half hour lessons require six practice hours per week; hour lessons, ten practice hours per week. Hour lessons may be divided into two 30-minute lessons by mutual consent of the student and the instructor. Lessons may be repeated (maximum 7 times in any combination) with permission of the respective department heads and are required of appropriate major(s). Juries are required. Students provide all instruments but piano and percussion equipment. A MUSI co-requisite is required. Private instruction is offered to music majors only. Half-hour lessons earn one credit (1 lecture), hour lessons earn two credits (2 lecture).

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Event Management and Design | CEC | 1313

The Event Management and Design Online Training Program will equip you with the knowledge to advance in the field if you are already working in special events, or it will prepare you to enter the profession with an understanding of the industry. You'll build a foundation that you can use to build a career in special events or start your own special event business.

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Evolution of Air Power I | AFSC | 2201

Key historical events and milestones in the development of air power as a primary instrument of United States national security. Core values and competencies of leaders in the United States Air Force. Tenets of leadership and ethics. Cooperative program with the University of Houston Air Force ROTC department.

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Evolution of Air Power II | AFSC | 2202

Continuation of AFSC 2201. Cooperative program with the University of Houston Air Force ROTC department.

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Exemplary Customer Service | BUSG | 1005

This training helps students understand the important details of customer services.

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Exercise Science | FITT | 2313

A survey of scientific principles, methodologies, and research as applied to exercise and physical fitness. Emphasis on physiological responses and adaptations to exercise. Topics include basic elements of kinesiology, biomechanics, motor learning, and the physical fitness industry. (Fall semester only)

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Exploration - Network Fundamentals | ITCC | 1401

A course introducing the architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the internet. Describes the use of OSI and TCP layered models to examine the nature and roles of protocols and services at the applications, network, data link, and physical layers. Covers the principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations. Build simple LAN topologies by applying basic principles of cabling; perform basic configurations of network devices, including routers and switches; and implementing IP addressing schemes.

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Exploration and Production I | PTRT | 1471

Overview of various aspects of deepwater operations deepwater exploration, drilling and completing wells, development of production systems.

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