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Commercial Recording Techniques | RTVB | 2343

Student will operate audio production and editing equipment, coordinate and direct music production projects from booking to post-production, and characterize the music industry and surrounding labor market. This class provides a capstone experience during which the student will use all of the skills acquired throughout this program. Students are required to attend additional lab hours outside of class.

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Commercial Refrigeration | HART | 2342

Theory of and practical application in the maintenance of commercial refrigeration; medium and low temperature applications and ice machines.

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Commercial Vocal Ensemble : General | MUSP | 2206

Participation in a vocal ensemble concentrating on commercial vocal music performance styles.

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Commercial Vocal Ensemble : Jazz | MUSP | 2207

Participation in a vocal ensemble concentrating on commercial vocal jazz performance styles.

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Commercial Wiring | ELPT | 1345

Commercial wiring methods. Includes overcurrent protection, raceway panel board installation, proper grounding techniques, and associated safety procedures.

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Common Concepts of Adult Health | RNSG | 1341

Basic integration of the role of the professional nurse as a provider of patient-centered care, patient safety advocate, member of the profession. Study of the common concepts of caring for adult patients and families with medical-surgical health care needs related to body systems, emphasizing knowledge, judgment, skills, and professional values within a legal/ethical framework.

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Communication and Behavior in the Dental Office | DNTA | 1102

The study of human interaction and communication in the dental office.

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Communications Circuits | EECT | 2439

A study of communications systems with emphasis on amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation, and digital pulse modulation. Discussion of several types of modulators, demodulators, receivers, transmitters, and transceivers.

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Communications for Securities Professionals | BUSG | 1372

An overview of the fundamental functions and the role of regulation in the securities industry. Explanation of securities products and services to a variety of markets.

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Community College Band II | MUSI | 2227

This class is designed for full or part-time students who desire to improve their performance levels on band instruments, observe rehearsal methods and techniques, and learn band organizational strategies. Performance required. May be repeated for credit.

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