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JAVA Programming | ITSE | 2417

Introduction to Java programming with object-orientation. Emphasis is on the fundamental syntax and semantics of Java for applications and web applets.

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Object - Oriented Programming | ITSE | 2421

Introduction to object-oriented programming. Emphasis on the fundamentals of structured design with classes, including development, testing, implementation, and documentation. Includes object-oriented programming techniques, classes, and objects.

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Oracle Database Administration I | ITSE | 2456

Fundamentals of the tasks and functions required of a database administrator using Oracle.

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Oracle Database Administration II | ITSE | 2458

A continuation of Oracle Database Administration I. Topics include recovery procedures, logical backups, standby database capabilities, and performance tuning of the Oracle Server. Common performance problems and the use of diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and optimize throughout will be discussed.

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Oracle Database Structure and Data Warehousing | ITSE | 2444

A practical application course for modeling and designing an Oracle data warehouse using case studies.

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Oracle: Applications I | ITSE | 2346

Forms in a Developer environment. Topics include the use of Object Navigator and Virtual Graphics System (VGS), Layout Editor and Menu options.

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Oracle: Applications II | ITSE | 2348

A continuation of Oracle Forms: Application I. Includes creating multiple form applications, managing multiple transactions across modules, and enhancing applications with custom menus, and charts.

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PHP Programming | ITSE | 1306

Introduction to PHP including the design of web-based applications, arrays, strings, regular expressions, file input/output, e-mail and database interfaces, stream and network programming, debugging, and security.

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Programming with Visual Basic.Net | ITSE | 1447

Designing and developing enterprise applications using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net in the Microsoft.Net Framework. Includes reference types, class relationships, polymorphism, operators overloading, and creating and handling exceptions.

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SAP Logistics with Materials Management & Production Planning | ITSE | 1091

This SAP training will teach the studetn how to implement large scale Enterprise Systems, concentrating on Logistics, Materials Management & Production Planning. The methodology covers initial program inception thru data conversions, materials Management, production Planning, Sales & Distribution, and other ERP Integrated areas. The configuration will be covered in detail.

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