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Starting an Internet Business | CEC | 9076

Do you fear being left behind in the internet explosion? Don't know how or where to start? How much richer would your life be if you operated your own business? Take the online step-by-step class that includes how-to mentoring.

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Stat II: Statistics for Non-STEM Majors | MATH | 1442

Topics include probability, binomial and normal distributions, and their applications, random sampling, statistical inference, estimation, confidence intervals, and tests of statistical hypotheses, and analysis of variance. Students who have completed MATH 1342 successfully should NOT take MATH 1442. Students will Not receive credit for both MATH 1342 and MATH 1442.

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Statics | ENTC | 1343

A study of the composition and resolution of forces and the equilibrium of forces acting on structures. Includes the concepts of friction, moments, couples, centroids, and moment of inertia.

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Stationary Engineering - 1st Grade License Review | SEST | 1041

Safe installation, operation, and maintenance procedures for boilers including total boiler analysis for maximum performance and efficiency of each system.

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Stationary Engineering - 2nd Grade License Review | CBFM | 1007

This course is designed to acquaint individuals with Stationary maintenance procedures for boiler installers. Individuals will be introduced to techniques used to analyze, troubleshoot, evaluate and diagnose instrumentation used to monitor boiler operations. This course conforms to the City of Houston's code requirements for the boiler licensure exam.

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Stationary Engineering - 3rd Grade License Review | CBFM | 1003

An introduction to boiler maintenance procedures with emphasis on the various components associated with boilers.

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Statistical Methods in Psychology | PSYC | 2317

An introduction to the use of scientific methods in psychology and to the statistical analysis of data. Attention is given to descriptive and inferential statistical methodology including t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation and regression. Core Curriculum Course.

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Steering and Suspension I | DEMR | 1330

A study of design, function, maintenance, and repair of steering and suspension systems. Emphasis on troubleshooting and repair of failed components.

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Sterile Processing | SRGT | 1371

In-depth coverage of specialized surgical modalities in endoscopy, microsurgery, therapeutic surgical energies, and other integrated science technologies.

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Storage Area Network (SAN) | ITMT | 2374

Foundational knowledge necessary to perform essential job duties in a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. Students learn the architecture and components of a SAN and the technology underpinning that make SANs work.

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